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Moped Army
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Motto Swarm and Destroy
Formation 1997
Region served

The Moped Army is an organization of moped enthusiasts, centered on the organization's website which serves as a catalyst for the spread of moped culture and the organization of moped-related events throughout the US and Canada. Founded in 1997 as the Decepticons in Kalamazoo, Michigan by Daniel Kastner, Simon King, and Brennan Sang, and as of November 2011 the organization has grown to include twenty-two official branches across the US.[1] The branches each have a unique name, often inspired by the city in which they are based, and are self-governing; implementing their own criteria regarding membership and activities. With the motto of "Swarm and Destroy",[2] the Moped Army has been the subject of a graphic novel by Paul Sizer and a documentary called Swarm and Destroy.[3]

Moped to South America[edit]

Moped race in San Francisco, 2006.

In 2006 two Moped Army members, Graham French and Zach Levenberg,[4] traveled 13,000 miles from San Francisco, California to Ushuaia, Argentina on Puch Maxi mopeds. They later released a documentary and a book of their journey both called "Moped to South America", consisting of the pictures and video they shot along the way. [5]

Rise Against music video[edit]

Members of the Chicago branch of Moped Army, Peddy Cash, are featured in the music video for the song "Re-Education (Through Labor)" by the American rock band Rise Against, which was released in September 2008. In the video they are seen riding their mopeds through a city, placing home-made bombs on government buildings.


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