Moplah (sword)

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Moplah Sword
Type Sword
Place of origin India
Service history
Used by Moplah
Wars Moplah uprising of 1921-22
Production history
Designed about 17th Century
Length 60 cm
Blade length 35 cm
Width 10 cm

Blade type Double
Hilt type Metal, wood, horn
Scabbard/sheath None a special silver belt worn on the back
A typical Mappila sword

The Moplah sword is a sword used by the Muslim population in the Malabar Coast in southwestern India.

The Moplah sword has been used since the 17th Century, both as a weapon and a tool. It was involved in several uprisings, including the Moplah uprising of 1921-22 against the British colonialists.


The Moplah sword has a light, wide and double-edged blade which is broader near to the tip, and runs slightly concave. The blade is polished smooth, with no hollow-ground. In some versions, the blade has a strong middle section, which extends up into the tip.

The hilt is made of carved wood, horn or bone. The pommel is often covered with a metal disk. At the transition between the blade and hilt, decorations are often found, of traditional or religious significance in most cases.

The blades are about 35 cm long, at the widest point about 10 cm wide and the sword has a total length of about 60 cm.

The sword was without a scabbard, being held in a wide belt worn on the back


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