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This article is about the Jat clan. For the Hindu caste, see Maurya caste.
Jat Clan
Location Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh
Vansh Suryavansha
Language Punjabi, Haryanvi and Rajasthani
Religion Hinduism and Sikhism

Mor or Maur or Maurya is gotra of Jats found in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh Punjab and Haryana states in India. Other spellings of the clan name include Moar and Moore.

Origin of clan[edit]

The Mor kings of Chittor in Rajasthan are named Maheshwar, Bhima, Bhoja and Maan Maurya. Maurya Mori gotra of Jats are originated from Raja Maan Maurya. A mountain named Maura near Jhunjhunu town in Rajasthan is in their memory.[1]

There was a very generous king named Mordhwaja & after his name the surname Mor is believed to be started. Some historian state that Mor clan got its name from Moron rulers. Also the people of a flat town named 'Marohi' at seacost were called Mors.[2]

According to Dalip Singh Ahlawat, Mor surname arises from Mauryan period and those who settled here modified it over the time.[3] He has also mentioned Maur as a ruling clan in Central Asia.

Jat origins[edit]

Their kshatriya status is testified by several medieval inscriptions.[4]

Distribution of Mor clan[edit]

They are found in Punjab. Mor population is 3,300 in Patiala district.[5]

There are number of villages in Chittorgarh district, Rajasthan, where the Mors were recording as residing in 2003. These statistics referred to six families or less and the locations were Deokheda, Jamlawda and Subi. Similarly, there are small numbers in the Nimach district of Madhya Pradesh, in Nimach, Bagpipalya, Dhokalkheda, Harnawda, Harwar, Khor Vikram, Kundala and Nanpuriya.[6]


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