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Mor Altshuler (Hebrew: מור אלטשולר; born 1957) is a scholar of Hasidism,[1] Kabbalism, and Jewish messianism.[2]


Mor Altshuler was born in Israel. She studied Jewish thought, Jewish philosophy,comparative literature and Talmudic studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Tel Aviv University. She is married and has two children, Avshalom and Hemdat.[3]

Academic and media career[edit]

Altshuler has published studies in both Hebrew and English and wrote the television series The Guide – Rabbi Joseph Karo and the Golden Age of Kabbalah in Safed which she hosted for the Israeli T'chelet [he] channel in 2003. Her views on contemporary issues have been published in Ynet's opinions section.[4]

She claims that the first Hasidic tzadik was not the Baal Shem Tov but the Maggid of Zlotshov.[1]


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