Mor Stein

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The Mor Stein, standing stone

Mor Stein is a neolithic standing stone in the southeastern part of the island of Shapinsay, Orkney Islands, Scotland.[1] Shapinsay is one of the two large inner islands of the Orkney group, and it is situated approximately two miles north of the Orkney Mainland.[2] Linton Bay is situated slightly to the northeast of Mor Stein.

Mor Stein is a vertical standing stone of approximately 3.2 metres (10 ft) in height, which is unshaped and uncarved and stands in a field somewhat separate from any other man-made features of the island.[3] A few miles to the north is Burroughston Broch with its earth cladding intact, allowing visitors to peer down into the broch from above.[4]

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Coordinates: 59°2′12″N 2°49′47″W / 59.03667°N 2.82972°W / 59.03667; -2.82972