Mora, Cameroon

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Mora is located in Cameroon
Location in Cameroon
Coordinates: 11°03′N 14°09′E / 11.050°N 14.150°E / 11.050; 14.150
CountryFlag of Cameroon.svg Cameroon
ProvinceFar North Province
455 m (1,493 ft)
 • Total53,667
Time zoneWAT

Mora is a town in northern Cameroon. Mora has a population of 55,216 making it the 5th biggest city in Far North.[1][2][3]

The German fort of Mora was the last German fort in Cameroon to surrender during World War I. After a long time under siege by allied forces, Captain von Raben and his men surrendered to the allied forces on February 20, 1916, over a year after the rest of the German army withdrew out of Cameroon. Many German troops escaped to the neutral Spanish colony of Río Muni.





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Coordinates: 11°03′N 14°09′E / 11.050°N 14.150°E / 11.050; 14.150