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Mora canton in San José province

Mora is the 7th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 162.04 km²,[1] and has a population of 23,004.[2] The capital city of the canton is Ciudad Colón.

The Río Virilla establishes the northern boundary of the canton, with the Río Grande de Tárcoles delineating its far western limit. The Río Chucás, Quebrada Grande, Río Viejo and Río Tabarcia mark the canton's western boundary; the Río Jorco, Río Tabarcia and Río Negro, the southern limit; and a series of foothills rising into the Cerros de Escazú delineate the canton's eastern border.


The canton of Mora is subdivided into six districts (distritos):[3]

  1. Colón
  2. Guayabo
  3. Tabarcia
  4. Piedras Negras
  5. Picagres
  6. Jaris


The canton of Pacaca was established by a decree of May 25, 1883. Three years later, the canton's name was changed to Mora in honor of Juan Rafael Mora Porras (1814-1860), the second President of Costa Rica.


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Coordinates: 9°52′27″N 84°16′56″W / 9.87417°N 84.28222°W / 9.87417; -84.28222