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Classic style Mora knife
Modern Mora knives are often used in construction work

A mora knife (Swedish: Morakniv) is a range of small sheath knife similar in design to the Finnish puukko. It is a fixed blade knife, with or without finger guard.The term originates from knives manufactured by the cutleries in Mora, Dalarna, Sweden, but has later come to refer to similar style knives by other brands as well.[1] In Sweden and Finland, mora knives are extensively used in construction and in industry as general-purpose tools.The Mora knife is considered one of the greatest knives ever to come out of the Old World. Other famous great Old World knives are Opinels, a French folding knife, Eka, a Swedish folding knife,Germanys "Mercator" folding knives, and the Swiss Army Knife (SAK) by Victorinox. Mora knives are also used by all Scandinavian armies as an everyday knife[2]

Types of mora[edit]

Mora knives were mostly produced by the KJ Eriksson and Frosts Knivfabrik (Frost's Knife Factory) companies; they merged their brands under Mora of Sweden, later renamed Morakniv, but a number of other knife-makers also make mora-style knives. The Morakniv company uses blades of 12C27 stainless steel, UHB-20C carbon steel, Triflex steel, or very hard (HRC61) carbon steel laminated between softer alloyed steel.[3]

Other manufacturers of mora-type knives are Cocraft a house brand of Clas Ohlson,[4] Best Tools and Hultafors.[5]

Some models[edit]


  • Mora Companion MG High Carbon (replacement of the now discontinued 840 Clipper)[6]
  • Mora Companion MG Stainless (replacement of the now discontinued 860 Clipper)[6]
  • Mora Basic 511 carbon[7]
  • Mora Basic 546 stainless[7]
  • Mora Bushcraft Series
  • Mora Outdoor 2000[6]


  • Craftsman's Knife HVK[5]
  • Safety Knife SK[5]
  • Heavy Duty Knife GK[5]


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Further reading[edit]

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