Moramide intermediate

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Moramide intermediate
Systematic (IUPAC) name
3-Methyl-4-morpholin-4-yl-2,2-diphenylbutanoic acid
Clinical data
Routes of
Legal status
Legal status
CAS Number 3626-55-9
ATC code none
PubChem CID 567581
ChemSpider 493453
Synonyms moramide intermediate
Chemical data
Formula C21H25NO3
Molar mass 339.4281 g/mol

Moramide intermediate (3-methyl-4-morpholin-4-yl-2,2-diphenylbutanoic acid, on INCB Yellow List as 2-methyl-3-morpholino-1,1-diphenylpropane carboxylic acid) is a moramide precursor scheduled by UN Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

In the United States, moramide intermediate is designated as a Schedule II controlled substance,[1] and has an ACSCN of 9802. The 2014 annual manufacturing quota was nil.[2]

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