Morant Bay

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Morant Bay
Morant Bay is located in Jamaica
Morant Bay
Morant Bay
Coordinates: 17°52′55″N 76°24′27″W / 17.8819°N 76.4074°W / 17.8819; -76.4074Coordinates: 17°52′55″N 76°24′27″W / 17.8819°N 76.4074°W / 17.8819; -76.4074
Country Jamaica
Parish St Thomas

Morant Bay is a town in southeastern Jamaica and the capital of the parish of St. Thomas.

In 1865 it was the starting point of the Morant Bay Rebellion, the only major peasant revolt (as distinguished from slave rebellions and worker uprisings), in Jamaican history.

Its sister city is Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.

In The Street[edit]

White Hall

White Hall can be credited with historical experiences. These experience can be traced back as far as slavery days which still continued to affect the community.

Today a feeling of dependency still has its effects in the rural community. The community is faced enormous constraints such as a rise in criminal activities due to lack of employment opportunities and basic infrastructure.

In an interview undertaken in the street it was concluded that minimal interest is given to the community and it is continually being ignored by the prestigious individuals.

In addition, the literacy of individuals is very poor as a survey conducted in January shows that ages group 10–55 person have difficulties in reading.