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Morari Bapu
Sanju Vala Darshak Sanman 2014 (cropped).jpg
Morari Bapu
Moraridas Prabhudas Hariyani

(1946-09-25) 25 September 1946 (age 73)
Talgajarda, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
OccupationReciter, Ram Charit Manas Kathakar
Home townTalgajarda
Spouse(s)Narmadaben Hariyani

Morari Bapu (Moraridas Prabhudas Hariyani) is Hindu spiritual leader and preacher from Gujarat state of India who is popularly known for his discourses on Ramcharitmanas across various cities in India and abroad. He is also known for philanthropy and social reforms through his discourses.

Early life[edit]

Morari Bapu was born on 25 September 1946 (Shivaratri according to Hindu calendar) in Talgajarda village near Mahuva, Gujarat, to Prabhudas Bapu Hariyani and Savitri Ben Hariyani, in a family of six brothers and two sisters.[1][2][3] His family followed Nimbarka Sampradaya, a Hindu Vaishnava tradition.[4] He considers his grandfather Tribhovandas Hariyani as his guru, spiritual teacher, and learnt Ramcharitmanas from him at a place now known as Chitrakutdhaam. He memorised the chaupais (couplets) while travelling from Talgazarda to primary and secondary schools in Pauva.[4]

After completing secondary education, he joined Shahpur Teachers Training College in Junagadh. Later he joined a primary school in Pauva as a teacher in 1966.[4]


At the age of 20, he gave his first discourse on Ramcharitmanas under Ramparsad Maharaj at a nine day discourse held at Gandila, a village in Gujarat.[1][4]. Since then, bapu has performed 800+ Ramkathas, each of nine days based upon a particular verse from Ramcharitmanas. He has also narrated upon 19 verses of the reverend Gopi Geet (each verse discourse of seven days). His Katha, always went through its journey with two vital aspects - "Bhajan"(Prayers) and "Bhojan Prasad"(meals/blessed food/sacrament). His katha never had any boundaries to who can listen to his katha/orations-irrespective of his gender,caste,religion,breed,financial status,etc. It was and is always open to all,for all and of all. He gave his first discourse abroad in Nairobi in 1976.[1] He gives discourses (kathaas) in Gujarati and Hindi in India and abroad. He has given discourses in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia, Jordan, Muscat as well as on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean Sea, and on an airplane travelling the world, in Vatican City and on the foothills of Mount Kailash in China.[5]

He used to keep 300-years-old copy of Ramayana with him which he received from his grandfather and follows a vow of silence, on every Saturday.[4] He is not an ascetic but follows traditions of Hindu asceticism.[4]

Views and Philanthropy[edit]

Bapu, who believes in ‘Pravahi Parampara’ (flowing tradition), has been speaking for progressive norms in the 21st century and feels there should be no stagnancy in religious beliefs.[6]

Bapu has tried to reach the "last-man" whenever and wherever possible along his 60-year journey at various places. He has also visited people in Jail (like Bhavnagar, Rajkot[7], Buxur[8], Sabarmati[9])

Katha in Ayodhya:

In the interview with the Times Now, Morari Bapu said that it is his motive to make Ram Katha (Story of Rama) accessible to the neglected, exploited and marginalised segments of society, just as Ram himself went to the Shabris, Nishads and Sugareevas of that time".[10] In the December month of 2018, Morari Bapu had organised the Ram Katha among sex workers in Ayodhya and he pledged ₹3 crore for the welfare of sex workers.[11] In the last, he distributed ₹6.92 crore (69.2 million) for welfare of the sex workers in which he added ₹11 lakh (1.1 million) of his own.[12][13] Morari Bapu's discourse to sex workers in the Ayodhya was criticised by several Hindu religious and spiritual leaders.[14][15] He responded that he would addressing a deprived section of society and cited that Rama's life was based on acceptance and reforms.[14] Morari Bapu was the first spiritual leader to meet sex workers in the Mumbai.[16]

Morari Bapu giving tribute to the portrait of Mahatma Gandhi.

Katha for transgenders:

Earlier in December 2016, Morari Bapu had organised Ram Katha for the transgenders in Mumbai.[17][18] For this work, Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, an Indian LGBT activist, had said, “No spiritual or religious leader in the world has ever done this kind of a community event for us and for that, I’m grateful to him.”[19]

Ayodhya Ram Mandir:

Morari Bapu had supported the construction of temple of Rama on the disputed site in Ayodhya. In 1992, he attended the event organised by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and appealed youth to 'fight' and to be 'martyred' for the Rama Temple.[20]In a TV show, Aap Ki Adalat, he appealed the Supreme Court of India not to delay the judgement regarding the temple.[21] In the same episode, he said that nobody can question the patriotism of Narendra Modi.[22]

Katha for Soldiers:

Bapu has always supported and glorified the soldiers of India in his various kathas and speeches. He has visited them a couple of times at Wagha,Ferozpur,Amarnath and wherever he can. In 2017, he had organised a discourse in Surat to help the families of army personnel who had died in the conflict.[23][24] He announced an aid of ₹1 lakh to the family of each Central Reserve Police Force personnel killed in the 2019 Pulwama attack.[25][26]

Katha for various social causes:

Bapu has been actively contributing to various possible social causes based upon the need of an hour. For Example:

  • Bapu has done a katha for construction of public toilets in Bardoli in 2005.
  • Ram katha has contributed around 10 crore to Uttarakhand floods and re-construction of Kedarnath temple in 2014.[27]He went to Uttarakhand himself and donated the cheques to victims.
  • Bapu also performed a recital of Ram Katha in Jaipur, Rajasthan for drought that stuck in 2003 and contributed for the droughts.
  • He also done katha for an absolutely cost - free hospital - Sree LalluBhai Arogya Mandir at Savar Kundla, Gujarat in 2017. The amount raised by devotees has been submitted to the trust directly during this katha. This organization now does not accept any expenses from the patients. [28]
  • Bapu initiated the idea during the katha discourse itself and got 95 couples married on 8th day of Ramkatha in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh in March 2020. Apart from this, He arranges for "Samuh Lagna" (an occasion where multiple marriages take place together) every year for the needy at SenjalDham,Gujarat.
  • Bapu has also supported Akshaya Patra Foundation and conducted Ram Katha in Kolkatta in 2012. In this katha 4 Crores have been raised by Bapu and his devotees. On the last day of Ram Katha, The Chair Person Chanchala Pati Das Ji mentioned that "It was agreat honour about 2 years back when pujya shri Morari Bapu visited our Akshay Patra Kitchen in Shri Dham Vrindavan, we were operating from a smaller kitchen. Subsequent to his visit and this Program(Ramkatha), we have set up a large kitchen and we're feeding 1 lakh 75 thousand children all over Mathura district. This has been the largest kitchen of Akshay Patra and this has been possible because of Bapu and his devotees" [29][30][31]
  • A Katha has been conducted to fight for Cancer and money raised has been donated to Gujarat Cancer Society in December 2012.[32](Approx 3 Crores donated) A
  • Again in 2018, Bapu conducted a katha to fight for Cancer patients and the treatments offered by Nargis Dutt Foundation in Churchgate,Mumbai(Approx 6 crores donated)[33]
  • In 2015, Bapu conducted a 9 day katha for Kidney patients conducted by Institute of Kidney Diseases and Research Centre (IKRDC) and Dr H L Trivedi Institute of Transplantation Sciences (ITS) at Sabarmati, Gujarat. This katha donated 5 crores to these institutes. This is one of the first ever spiritual programs for kidney patients.[34]
  • "Beti Bachao" abhiyaan (Save Girl Child) conducted by SRK Foundation through Ram Katha in Surat in February 2015.


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