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Moravany or Moravany near Holice is a village in the Pardubice region. It lies approximately 15 kilometres east of Pardubice. The village is situated 249 km above the sea level and it is crossed by the 50th parallel. The number of inhabitants is around 1700.

Čeradice, Moravanský, Platěnice, Platěnsko and Turov villages are administrative part of Moravany.[1]


The first written record of Moravany dates back to 1244. But even before then, there had been a stronghold with a small settlement around it. In the 16th and 17th century there were many ponds but they were later dried during the German colonization and during the reign of Josef II in 1782 they were turned into arable and given to settlers, mainly to the German ones. In 1806 the Crown Prince passed through Moravany, later known as the emperor Ferdinand V. The settlers solicited designation of a priest and the building of a rectory although the foundation of a new church had been laid down in 1782 after the old one had burned to the ground. The rectory was then built in 1808. There were 2 bells in the steeple until the 1816 when one of them was taken away for military purposes. The church as it stands now was built in the 1920s in the place of the burned church. Local children walked to school in Slepotice until 1808 when a school was established in Moravany along with the new church. In the school year of 1852-1853 it was attended by 125 pupils. It had two classrooms and a cabinet, it was made from wood and it miraculously survived every fire that was raging nearby. The new school was built after the old one was no longer satisfactory and it was opened in 1879. After many reconstructions and alterations it still serves its purpose. The construction of another school building, serving as a place for the 5th–9th grades, started in 1994 and was finished in 1995, starting with education immediately.[2]

Facilities and places of interest[edit]

The Senior Center was opened in 2003.[3] It has many services like massages, pedicure, cosmetics and hairdresser's open to public. It is built in the historical center of Moravany. There is an elementary school of the 1st–9th grades, kindergarten, dentist, GP and pharmacy. Other places: three pubs, three shops, library, newsagents, Rainbow Lake (in summer there is an open food stand), football pitch and the church of St. Peter and Pavel.


Moravany municipality is on the railway intersection of the railroads Praha-Česká Třebová (main czech railway corridor) and Chrudim-Borohrádek. Thanks to this railroad hub, the utilization of Moravany’s railway station is fairly good. The first railway connection was built in 1845. Bus connection is only to the closest municipalities and is very rare compared to the train connection.

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Coordinates: 49°59′58″N 15°56′33″E / 49.99944°N 15.94250°E / 49.99944; 15.94250

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