Morazán, El Progreso

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Morazán is located in Guatemala
Location in Guatemala
Coordinates: 14°55′58″N 90°08′35″W / 14.93278°N 90.14306°W / 14.93278; -90.14306
Country Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala
Department Bandera PRO.JPG El Progreso
 • Mayor Miguel Ángel Arriaza
Climate Aw

Morazán (Spanish pronunciation: [moɾaˈsan]) is a municipality in the El Progreso Department of Guatemala.

Morazán is situated at 349.5 m above sea level, and covers a terrain of 329 km². Employment is overgrown now of many opportunities there are in Morazán. Agriculture is the dominant trade, and much of the population works family-owned fields. Opportunities for education have now been more available its higher from kindergarten to learning being a teacher. There are many sports to be done. Friendly people and many stored to search around.

One annual festival "Feria del pueblo"is celebrated from December 22 to December 26 each year.

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Coordinates: 14°55′58″N 90°08′35″W / 14.9328°N 90.1431°W / 14.9328; -90.1431