Morbid (band)

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Origin Stockholm, Sweden
Genres Black metal, death metal[1]
Years active 1986–1988
Associated acts Mayhem, Nihilist, Entombed
Past members Per "Dead" Ohlin
John Hagström
Jens Näsström
Lars Göran Petrov
Ulf Cederlund
John Scarisbrick

Morbid was a Swedish black metal band from Stockholm, Sweden, that formed in 1986.[2]


Morbid was formed in Stockholm, Sweden, at the end of 1986.[2] With Per Yngve "Dead" Ohlin as the group's founder and mastermind, they had a revolving door of members before settling on the line-up of John "John Lennart" Hagström and "TG" on guitars, Jens Näsström on bass and Lars Göran Petrov on drums.[2] When "TG" left the band, Ulf Cederlund took over.[2] The band then recorded their debut demo, December Moon, at Thunderload Studios in Stockholm on 5 and 6 December 1987.[3] This was the only recording featuring this line-up, as Hagström quit and Ohlin left for Norway to join the legendary black metal band Mayhem.[4] The remains of the band tried to carry on, and brought in photographer John Scarisbrick as a new vocalist.[4] Scarisbrick happened to live near a recording studio named Sunlight, which would later gain some notoriety in death metal circles,[4] recording bands like Entombed[5] and Dismember. It was there that the band recorded their swan song,[6] another demo entitled The Last Supper, in September 1988.[4] The band faded as Petrov and Cederlund started Nihilist,[6] which eventually turned into Entombed.[7] Näsström later continued in the bands Contras and Skull.


Although Morbid only officially released those two demos, they gained a certain cult status after their demise, most likely due in part to Ohlin's efforts with Mayhem, and the fact that he committed suicide in 1991. Both the demo recordings and various live and rehearsal tracks have later made it onto vinyl and CD, on both official and bootleg releases.


Final Members[edit]

  • Dr. Schitz - Bass (1986-1988)
  • Drutten - Drums (1987-1988)
  • Napoleon Pukes - Guitars (1987-1988)
  • Zoran Jovanovic - Guitars (1988)
  • Johan Scarisbrick - Vocals (1988)

Former Members[edit]

  • Per "Dead" Ohlin – lead vocals (1985–1988)
  • Slator - Bass (1985-1986)
  • Sandro Cajander - Drums (1985-1986)
  • Gehenna - Guitars (1985-1988)
  • Klacke Guitars (1986-1987)
  • TG - Guitars (1987)



  • Rehearsal 07/08/1987 (demo, 1987)
  • December Moon (demo, 1987)
  • Last Supper (demo, 1988)
  • December Moon (EP, 1994)
  • Death Execution (compilation, 1995)
  • Live in Stockholm (LP, Reaper, 2000)
  • Death Execution III (7", Reaper, 2001)
  • Year of the Goat (compilation, Century Media, 2011)


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