Morbid Saint

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Morbid Saint
Origin Sheboygan, Wisconsin, United States
Genres Thrash Metal, Death Metal
Years active 1982–1994, 2009–present
Labels Edge Records, Avanzada Metalica, Grind Core, Power Play, Keltic
Associated acts Boxshaft/Sgt.Discharge
Website Official site
Past members Pat Lind
Lee Reynolds
Jay Visser
Jim Fergades
Gary Beimel
Mike Chappa
Bob Sinjakovic
Tony Paletti

Morbid Saint is an American thrash metal band from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, active from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s. The band opened up numerous concerts for Florida's Death, one of the progenitors of death metal, as they shared a manager. The band has recently reformed and are planning to record two new songs for the reissue of "Spectrum Of Death".[1]


Morbid Saint was formed in 1982 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The band debuted in 1988 with a demo, Lock up your Children. It was re-issued in 1989 as an album by the Mexican Avanzada Metálica label and later in 1990 by Grind Core International with the title Spectrum of Death.[2] In 1992, the band released the Destruction System demo only for the fans. It is not an official LP, but its duration is 33 minutes.

Morbid Saint was produced by Eric Greif, the owner of Edge Entertainment and the manager of death metal innovator Chuck Schuldiner of Death. The last line-up of the band recorded the demo Destruction System but it was not released until 2005 as part of a limited edition, Chilean double release with Spectrum of Death.[1] The band originally split up in 1994.


Current line up[edit]

Former members[edit]

  • Mike Chappa - bass, vocals (left the band before Spectrum of Death was recorded)
  • Bob Sinjakovic - vocals (was replaced by Pat Lind before Spectrum of Death was recorded)
  • Tony Paletti - bass (played on Spectrum of Death recording)
  • Jim Fergades - guitar
  • Lee Reynolds - drums
  • Gary Beimel - bass (played on "Destruction System" recording)
  • Kevin Koski - guitar
  • Pat Lind - vocals
  • Chris Jacobs - drums
  • Randy Wall - drums
  • Marco Martell - guitar


  • Lock up Your Children (demo, 1988)
  • Spectrum of Death (full-length, 1990)
  • Destruction System (demo, 1992)
  • Thrashaholic (3-disc set, 2012) (CD-R, DVD-R)


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