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B34 morcon iberico cular.jpg
Place of originSpain
Region or stateSalamanca, Andalusia and Extremadura
Main ingredientspork, paprika, garlic and salt

Morcón is a type of chorizo, eaten in much the same way. It is typical of the regions of Andalusia and Extremadura and the province of Salamanca. The difference is the meat with which it is made, which is usually lean without much fat content, and that the meat is stuffed into a section of pork large intestine.

The marinade used to flavor the chorizo is mainly composed of paprika, garlic and salt. Due to the thickness of the sausage, the maturity period is quite long.[1]

In the Philippines, the sausage has evolved into a stuffed meat roulade. The meat, which could be beef or pork, is cut into thin sheets and wrapped around hard-boiled eggs, ham, sausages, carrots, pickled cucumber slices and other ingredients to form a solid sausage. The roulade is usually cooked using a stewing and frying technique, and sliced when cool.

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