Mordacia lapicida

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Mordacia lapicida
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Cephalaspidomorphi
Order: Petromyzontiformes
Family: Mordaciidae
Genus: Mordacia
Species: M. lapicida
Binomial name
Mordacia lapicida
(J. E. Gray, 1851)
  • Caragola lapicida J. E. Gray, 1851
  • Petromyzon anwandteri Philippi 1863
  • Petromyzon acutidens Philippi 1865

Mordacia lapicida, also known as the Chilean Lamprey, is a species of southern topeyed lamprey endemic to southern Chile, where it can be found in riverine and marine habitats. This species is anadromous. This parasitic lamprey can reach a length of 54 centimetres (21 in) SL.[3]


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