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Mordechai (Moti) Ben-Ari (Hebrew: מרדכי (מוטי) בן-ארי‎) is a professor of computer science educated at the Weizmann Institute of Science.[1]

Ben-Ari has published numerous textbooks in computer science,[2][3][4] developed software tools for teaching Computer Science, and written influential papers[5][6] in computer science education.[7] His primary focus has been on books and tools for learning theoretical concepts in computer science, such as concurrency[8] and mathematical logic.[9]

In collaboration with the University of Joensuu in Finland, his group has developed the Jeliot program[10] animation system for teaching elementary computer science and programming.

Ben-Ari received the 2004 ACM SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contributions for Computer Science Education and was named an ACM Distinguished Educator in 2009.


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