Mordechai Ish-Shalom

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Mordechai Ish-Shalom
Mordechai Ish-Shalom.jpg
Mayor of Jerusalem
In office
Preceded by Gershon Agron
Succeeded by Teddy Kollek
Personal details
Born (1902-01-02)2 January 1902
Died 21 February 1991(1991-02-21) (aged 89)
Jerusalem, Israel
Political party Mapai

Mordechai Ish-Shalom (Hebrew: מרדכי איש-שלום‎‎), (1902–1991), was an Israeli politician and labor leader. He was the Mayor of Jerusalem from 1959 to 1965.


Mordechai Ish-Shalom was born in Lithuania. He immigrated to Mandate Palestine in 1923. His labor career began in the Stonecutters' Union in 1935; he then rose through the ranks of the Histadrut, the Israeli trade union congress. In 1964, Ish-Shalom established an interdisciplinary professional team to plan the modernization of Jerusalem.[1]

In the 1970s, he was instrumental in the development of Kiryat Wolfson, a five-tower high-rise project overlooking Sacher Park.[2]

Ish-Shalom died at the age of 89.[3]


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