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Rabbi Mordechai Leifer (1824–1894) was the son of Rabbi Yesochor Bertche Leifer (d. 1848), author of Sisrei Torah,[1] and a great-great-grandson of Rabbi Meir "The Great" of Premishlan.


Rabbi Leifer served as Grand Rabbi of Nadvirna (Nadwórna). He was raised by his great uncle, the famous Rebbe Meir'l of Premishlan. Hasidim from all over Hungary and Romania would come to receive his blessings. An extraordinarily large number of his descendants became Hasidic rebbes, including many around the world today. His teachings are collected in Gedulas Mordechai, Tiferes Mordechai, Aspaklarya Hameira, Maamar Mordechai and Oros Mordechai.

Reb Mordechai is berried in Bushtyno, Ukraine. In the Jewish cemetery and there is a brand new ohel and at the same address there is a beautiful new Shul with a gorgeous hucnsas aurchim (הכנסת אורחים) like a 5 star hotel and a mikvah as well and might not be open all year around but people have been saying they have seen big things by going to pray at this kever, GPS address is: вулиця Волошина, 32-А Bushtyno Zakarpats'ka oblast Ukraine 90556

His wife, Rebbitzen Chaya (d.1891), was the daughter of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka Taubes, Chief Rabbi of Yas and author of the To'afos R-eim.

They were survived by six sons and one daughter:

Today, there are close to 100 Grand Rebbes who claim descendancy from Rebbe Mordechai of Nadvorna.


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