More Bells and Whistles

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More Bells and Whistles was a computer-animated short film created by Wayne Lytle in 1990. Lytle later founded a company called Animusic, creating music-driven animation similar to the techniques demonstrated in the More Bells & Whistles video. Compared to the newer videos, however, this video is primitive.

The film was created using Wavefront version 2.7. Lytle created it while he was an employee at Cornell University Theory Center. This institution owns all rights to the piece.

Instruments in the order they're presented:


  • More Bells and Whistles was featured on the Canadian kids network YTV as part of its Short Circutz block, and in the movie Imaginaria.
  • Many of the instruments featured in More Bells & Whistles return (in more or less similar forms) in Animusic: A Computer Animation Video Album and Animusic 2: A New Computer Animation Video Album, the most prominent being the vibraphone fountain in Pipe Dream & Pipe Dream 2 and the wooden xylophone of Stick Figures & Pogo Sticks. Varied forms of the other miscellaneous percussion instruments such as the synth laser (Stick Figures and Future Retro), the whistles (Stick Figures, Future Retro, and Aqua Harp), and the church bells (Drum Machine) also return in the two volumes of Animusic, as well as the company's first production piece, Beyond the Walls (Concerto in 3D).

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