More Colours!

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More Colours!
The Pinker Tones - More Colours.jpg
Remix album by The Pinker Tones
Released August 21, 2007
Genre Indie pop, Alternative
Label Outstanding Records
The Pinker Tones chronology
The Million Colour Revolution
More Colours!
Wild Animals

More Colours! or better known as More Colours!: The Million Colour Revolution Revisited Twice is a double album by The Pinker Tones, released in 2007. It consists mostly of remixes from The Million Colour Revolution. In the second disc contains 3 bonus tracks which is from the first album, The BCN Connection.

Track listing[edit]

Disc 1

  1. "Señoras y Señores" - Remix by Professor Manso
  2. "Welcome to TMCR" - Remix by Alex Acosta (Mojo Project)
  3. "Karma Hunters" - Remix by Mexican Institute of Sound
  4. "Beyond Nostalgia" - Remix by Kassin (The+2's)
  5. "L'Heros" - Remix by Torpedo Boyz
  6. "Sonido Total" - Remix by The Pinker Tones & DJ Niño
  7. "Piccolissima Descarga" - Remix by El Miku
  8. "In Pea We Nuts" - Cover by The Pinker Tones
  9. "Pink Freud" - Remix by Dyko
  10. "Many Years Ago" - Remix by DJ Niño
  11. "Love Tape vs Medium Waves" - Mash-up by TPT
  12. "Mojo Moog" - Remix by The Submarines
  13. "Pinkerland Becaina" - Remix by Gigi el Amoroso
  14. "Gone, Go On" - Remix by Pecker
  15. "Maybe Next Saturday" - Cover by Juzz
  16. "TMCR Grand Finale" - Cover by EllzaPoppinzz
Bonus tracks
  1. "Love Tape" - Live acosutic cover @ KCRW by TPT
  2. "TMCR Grand Finale" - Remix by Galáctico
  3. "Sonido Total" - Remix by Capri

Disc 2

  1. "Señoras y Señores" · Remix by Mister Furia
  2. "Welcome to TMCR" · Remix by Alex Acosta (Mojo Project)
  3. "Karma Hunters" · Remix by DJ Niño
  4. "Beyond Nostalgia" · Remix by Daniel Melero
  5. "L'Heros" · Remix by Danbeat
  6. "Sonido Total" · Remix by Concorde Music Club
  7. "Piccolissima Descarga" · Acapella cover by The Pinker Tones
  8. "In Pea We Nuts" · Remix by Panóptica (Nortec Collective)
  9. "Pink Freud" · Remix by Moreno Veloso, A. Kassim, Domenico L.
  10. "Many Years Ago" · Remix by Professor Manso
  11. "Love Tape" · Remix by Jeff Automatic
  12. "Mojo Moog" · Remix by Styrofoam
  13. "Pinkerland Becaina vs Welcome to TMCR" · Mash-up remix by TPT
  14. "Gone, Go On" · Remix by Z Bosio (Soda Estéreo) & And Body (Simon)
  15. "Maybe Next Saturday" · Remix by PJ Rose
  16. "TMCR Grand Finale" · Remix by Kinky
Bonus tracks
  1. "Viva la Juventud" · Remix by TPT
  2. "One of Them (Readymade Jazz Exercise)" · Remix by Konishi Yasuharu
  3. "Mais Pourquois? (BCN Mix)" · (Remix by Ursula 1000)