More Greatest Hits (Connie Francis album)

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More Greatest Hits
Compilation album by Connie Francis
Released May 1961
Recorded August 28, 1959
October 14, 1959
January 25, 1960
January 27, 1960
April 7, 1960
July 6, 1960
July 25, 1960
September 9, 1960
October 18, 1960
December 27, 1960
Genre Pop
Label MGM Records
E-3942 (mono)/SE-3942 (stereo)
Producer Ray Ellis, Norman Newell, Arnold Maxin
Connie Francis chronology
Connie Francis at The Copacabana
(1961)Connie Francis at The Copacabana1961
Connie's Greatest Hits
Connie Francis sings "Never on Sunday"
(1961)Connie Francis sings "Never on Sunday"1961

More Greatest Hits is a compilation album by U.S. entertainer Connie Francis. The album features the songs from Francis' most successful singles on the American market from her 1959 hit Among my Souvenirs up to the date of the album's release in May 1961.

The album is notable for its change in track listing after its initial release. First pressings of the album featured Teddy as track five of the B-side. Due to copyright issues between MGM Records, Francis' own song publishing company Francon Music Inc. and the song's composer Paul Anka led to the replacement of Teddy by the Kadish Millett composition Valentino.[1]

Valentino had never been a U. S. single but it had been a modest hit for Francis in Europe and was subsequently covered in the native languages of several European countries such as Germany (recorded by Caterina Valente[2] as well as Angèle Durand[3]) or The Netherlands (recorded by The Fouryo's[4]). Valentino was also featured in different versions on the album: The stereo pressings contained the single vocal take of the song while the mono pressings contained the double vocal version where Francis harmonized with herself.[5]

Track listing[edit]

Side A[edit]

# Title Songwriter Length Remark
1. "Jealous of You (Tango della Gelosia)" Giuseppe Mendes, Vittorio Mascheroni, Marjorie Harper 2.28 -
2. "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own" Jack Keller, Howard Greenfield 2.30 -
3. "Everybody's Somebody's Fool" Jack Keller, Howard Greenfield 2.37 -
4. "Mama" Bruno Cherubini, Harold Barlow, Phil Brito 3.55 -
5. "No One" Doc Pomus, Mort Shuman 2.48 -
6. "God Bless America" Irving Berlin 2.34 -

Side B[edit]

# Title Songwriter Length Remark
1. "Among My Souvenirs" Lawrence Wright, Edgar Leslie 2.30 Simulated stereo only on stereo pressings as the song was never mixed to true stereo.[6]
2. "Where the Boys Are" Neil Sedaka, Howard Greenfield 2.43 -
3. "Many Tears Ago" Winfield Scott 1.55 -
4. "Malagueña" Ernesto Lecuona 3.06 -
5a. "Teddy" Paul Anka 2.38 Only on first pressings
5b. "Valentino" Kadish Millett 2.30 Replacement for "Teddy" on later pressings
Single vocal version on stereo pressings
5c. "Valentino" Kadish Millett 2.30 Replacement for "Teddy" on later pressings
Double vocal version on mono pressings
6. "Senza Mamma e Nnammurata" Luigi Donadio, Connie Francis 4.01 -


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