More Hits by The Supremes

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More Hits by The Supremes
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 23, 1965
StudioHitsville U.S.A., Detroit
MT 627
The Supremes chronology
We Remember Sam Cooke
More Hits by The Supremes
The Supremes at the Copa
Singles from More Hits by The Supremes
  1. "Stop! In the Name of Love"
    Released: February 8, 1965
  2. "Back in My Arms Again"
    Released: April 15, 1965
  3. "Nothing but Heartaches"
    Released: July 16, 1965
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars [1]
The Encyclopedia of Popular Music3/5 stars[2]

More Hits by The Supremes is the sixth studio album by Motown singing group The Supremes, released in 1965. The album includes two number-one hits: "Stop! In the Name of Love" and "Back in My Arms Again", as well as the Top 20 single "Nothing but Heartaches".

The album opens up with the B-side "Ask Any Girl" from their Where Did Our Love Go album, which ironically ended side 2 of their previous album of new material. It was once planned for single release with this new mix.

Barney Ales, then an executive vice-president of Motown Records, reported in the August 14, 1965 issue of Billboard magazine the album had advance orders estimated at 300,000. More Hits by The Supremes peaked at #6 on the U.S. Billboard album chart and remained on that chart for 37 weeks. It reached #2 on Billboard's R&B album chart. To further underscore their popularity, each girl's signature was autographed on the album cover.

The opening track was to have been "Always In My Heart," the back side of "Come See About Me," but then "Ask Any Girl" was remixed as a possible A-side single and the remix opened this album. "Always In My Heart" surfaced later as "You're Gone (But Always In My Heart)" on the "Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland" album (at the suggestion of a fan!). The problem with the title "Always In My Heart" was the royalties were being misreported to the standard tune "Always In My Heart."[citation needed]

"Mother Dear" originally was to follow up "Back In My Arms Again," however Motown decided the follow up should be a similar vibe and chose "Nothing But Heartaches" instead as the single. When "Heartaches" missed making number one, it caused the label to seek another musical direction for the next single.[citation needed] "Mother Dear" was rearranged with a stop beat and re-recorded but again rejected for single release.

The songs were all released in stereo mixes on the stereo version of the vinyl album except "He Holds His Own," which remained unreleased until the 2011 expanded edition.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Holland–Dozier–Holland and produced by Brian Holland and Lamont Dozier.

Side one[edit]

  1. "Ask Any Girl" - 2:46
  2. "Nothing but Heartaches" - 2:58
  3. "Mother Dear" - 2:45
  4. "Stop! In the Name of Love" - 2:53
  5. "Honey Boy" - 2:35
  6. "Back in My Arms Again" - 2:55

Side two[edit]

  1. "Whisper You Love Me Boy" - 2:38
  2. "The Only Time I'm Happy" - 2:33
  3. "He Holds His Own" - 2:31
  4. "Who Could Ever Doubt My Love" - 2:42
  5. "(I'm So Glad) Heartaches Don't Last Always" - 2:57
  6. "I'm In Love Again" - 2:22

2011 Expanded Edition trackslist[edit]

  1. "Baby Love" (Live at the Fox, Detroit 1964)
  2. "Where Did Our Love Go" (Live at the Fox, Detroit 1964)
  3. "Come See About Me" (Live at the Fox, Detroit 1964)
  4. "Come Into My Palace" (Hunter, Moore, Holland)
  5. "Ooowee Baby" (Robinson)
  6. "Come On Boy" (Berry Gordy, Jr.)
  7. "Beach Ball" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  8. "Stop! In The Name Of Love" (Version 1) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  9. "Take Me Where You Go" (Version 1 without strings) (Robinson)
  10. "Back In My Arms Again" (Alternate Vocal) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  11. "Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  12. "Whisper You Love Me Boy" (Alternate Vocal) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  13. "Nothing But Heartaches" (Alternate Vocal) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  14. "It's All Your Fault" (Version 2) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  15. "Mother Dear" (Version 2) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  16. "Too Much A Little Too Soon" (Robinson-Rogers-Tarplin-Moore)
  17. "He Holds His Own" (Alternate Vocal) (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  18. "Moonlight And Kisses" (German recording)
  19. "Baby Baby Wo Ist Unsere Liebe (Where Did Our Love Go)" (German recording)
  20. "Thank You Darling, Thank You Baby" (German recording)
  21. "Jonny Und Joe (Come See About Me)" (German recording)
  22. "Stop! In The Name Of Love" (Live in Paris, 1965)
  23. "Baby Love" (Live in Paris, 1965)
  24. "Somewhere" (Live in Paris, 1965)
  25. "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You" (Live in Paris, 1965)
  26. "Shake" (Live in Paris, 1965)

Unused Recordings from the More Hits timeframe[edit]

  1. "Come Into My Palace" (Stevenson-Moore-Holland)
  2. "Ooowee Baby" (Robinson)
  3. "Take Me Where You Go" (Robinson-Moore)
  4. "Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  5. "Surfer Boy" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  6. "Beach Ball" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  7. "Too Much A Little Too Soon" (Robinson-Rogers-Tarplin-Moore)
  8. "It's All Your Fault" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  9. "Moonlight And Kisses" (Busch-Werner-Scharfenberger)
  10. "Thank You Darling, Thank You Baby" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  11. "Baby Baby, Wo Ist Unsere Liebe" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)
  12. "Jonny Und Joe" (Holland-Dozier-Holland)




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