More Notes of a Dirty Old Man

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More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns is written by Charles Bukowski, edited by David Calonne, and published by City Lights. It includes newspaper columns and essays that have never been collected and published together.

More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns
More Notes of a Dirty Old Man: The Uncollected Columns
Author Charles Bukowski
Language English
Genre Essays
Publisher City Lights
Publication date
August 2011
Pages 248
ISBN 978-0-87286-543-3

Critical reception[edit]

Following its 2011 publication More Notes of a Dirty Old Man has received much attention from the press. Dean Schaffer from SF Weekly stated that Bukowski's "tales of sex, drugs, and booze, and more sex, drugs, and booze, ad infinitum, resonate a lurid energy that grabs our attention and keeps it."[1] Sophie Duvernoy of LA Weekly says "To anyone familiar with Bukowski's work, they're more of the good stuff--essays on pure desire that demonstrate his lust for the physical world."[2]

In a self-interview from The Nervous Breakdown, the book's editor, David Calonne, reveals more about his time working on Bukowski's work: "That's the amazing thing I've discovered doing these Bukowski anthologies--that there are these fantastic gems which have not been published in book form because Bukowski was so incredibly prolific. He resembles writers like D.H. Lawrence or Robert Graves or Henry Miller or William Saroyan--these incredibly productive geniuses who seemed incapable of writing a dull line."[3]


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