More Songs to Learn and Sing

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More Songs to Learn and Sing
Greatest hits album by Echo & the Bunnymen
Released 11 September 2006
Recorded 1979-2005
Genre Post-punk, alternative rock
Length 76:16
Label Korova
Producer Echo & the Bunnymen
Echo & the Bunnymen chronology
Instant Live: House of Blues - San Diego, CA, 12/9/05
(2006)Instant Live: House of Blues - San Diego, CA, 12/9/052006
More Songs to Learn and Sing
Me, I'm All Smiles
(2006)Me, I'm All Smiles2006

More Songs to Learn and Sing is a compilation album by Echo & the Bunnymen. Released on 11 September 2006, it is an update to the 1985 singles collection Songs to Learn & Sing. A number of tracks have been added to cover the band's career until 2005's Siberia, and one track, "The Puppet", was removed.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars link

Track listing[edit]


  1. "The Cutter"
  2. "The Back of Love"
  3. "The Killing Moon"
  4. "Seven Seas"
  5. "Never Stop"
  6. "Rescue"
  7. "I Want to Be There (When You Come)"
  8. "Don't Let It Get You Down"
  9. "A Promise"
  10. "Silver"
  11. "People Are Strange"
  12. "Do It Clean"
  13. "The Game"
  14. "Rust"
  15. "Lips Like Sugar"
  16. "Nothing Lasts Forever"
  17. "Bring On the Dancing Horses"
  18. "Hang On to a Dream"
  19. "It's Alright"
  20. "Stormy Weather"


  1. "The Cutter"
  2. "The Killing Moon"
  3. "Seven Seas"
  4. "Bring On the Dancing Horses"
  5. "The Game"
  6. "Lips Like Sugar"
  7. "Nothing Lasts Forever"
  8. "Rust"

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