More of Old Golden Throat

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More of Old Golden Throat
Compilation album by Johnny Cash
Released July 1969
Recorded 1959 - 1967
Genre Country
Length 34:14
Label CBS
Producer Don Law, Frank Jones
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More of Old Golden Throat
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More of Old Golden Throat is a compilation album and 32nd overall album released by Johnny Cash exclusively in the UK on CBS Records in 1969 (see 1969 in music). Culled from single sides that had not previously appeared on albums (with the exceptions of "Honky-Tonk Girl" and "Lorena"), it is primarily made up of lesser-known songs, although "You Beat All I Ever Saw" and "Second Honeymoon" reached No. 20 and No. 15 respectively on the Country charts. Tracks 4, 7, 10 and 13 are instrumentals originally credited to "The Tennessee Two and Friend."

As with its predecessor, Old Golden Throat, this album was only available in monaural since its source material was originally mixed for single release.

This album has not been released on CD. Although the Cash solo recordings featured here were later included in the 63-disc 2012 release Johnny Cash: The Complete Columbia Album Collection on the bonus disc titled "The Singles, Plus", the four tracks credited to The Tennessee Two and Friend are omitted and have yet to be officially released on CD.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Original release Length
1. "Bottom of the Mountain" Don McKinnon "Boa Constrictor" B-side (August 1966) 2:29
2. "You Beat All I Ever Saw" Johnny Cash Single A-side (November 1966) 2:10
3. "Put the Sugar to Bed" Johnny Cash, Maybelle Carter "You Beat All I Ever Saw" B-side (November 1966) 2:24
4. "Blues for Two" (The Tennessee Two And Friend) Luther Perkins Single A-side (January 1961) 2:10
5. "Girl in Saskatoon" Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton Single A-side (December 1960) 2:16
6. "Time and Time Again" Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash "It Ain't Me, Babe" B-side (October 1964) 2:12
7. "Jeri and Nina's Melody" (The Tennessee Two And Friend) Marshall Grant, Perkins "Blues For Two" B-side (January 1961) 2:44
8. "Honky Tonk Girl" Chuck Harding, Hank Thompson "Second Honeymoon" B-side (June 1960) 2:00
9. "Locomotive Man" Johnny Cash "Girl in Saskatoon" B-side (December 1960) 2:50
10. "Bandana" (The Tennessee Two And Friend) Johnny Cash Single A-side (January 1960) 2:15
11. "Second Honeymoon" Autry Inman Single A-side (June 1960) 1:56
12. "I'll Remember You" Johnny Cash "Little Drummer Boy" B-side (October 1959) 2:07
13. "Wabash Blues" (The Tennessee Two And Friend) Fred Meinken, Dave Ringle "Bandana" B-side (January 1960) 2:18
14. "Lorena" Charlie Williams Johnny Yuma EP (1959) 1:56
15. "Roll Call" B.J. Carnahan "Rosanna's Going Wild" B-side (December 1967) 2:27



Singles - Billboard (North America)

Year Single Chart Position
1960 "Second Honeymoon" Country Singles 15
1960 "Second Honeymoon" Pop Singles 79
1967 "You Beat All I Ever Saw" Country Singles 20

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