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Morelli's Gelato is a producer and retailer of ice cream. The company was founded in 1907 by Giuseppe Morelli. Initially he sold ice cream from a bicycle with his son Mario. As the business grew, an ice cream van was used. In 1932, an ice cream parlour was opened on the seafront of the seaside resort of Broadstairs.

The company now has several branches including a flagship concession in Harrods Food Hall and franchises in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kuwait, Manila and Monte Carlo.[1][2]


The Morelli family arrived in the UK from Italy in 1907. Soon after Mario Morelli began making ice cream, which he sold from a bicycle in Scotland and Northern Ireland. In 1932 Morelli opened an ice cream parlour and cappuccino bar on the seafront in Broadstairs, Kent. The ice cream parlour continues to serve visitors to Broadstairs today. After Mario Morelli's retirement the business was taken over by his son Giuseppe Morelli in 1954. He opened a second parlour/espresso bar in Broadstairs in 1955. In 1957 he rebuilt the Broadstairs ice cream parlour, which was the first of its kind in the UK selling over 20 flavours of ice cream.[citation needed]

In 1972 the two ice cream parlours in Broadstairs were taken over by Giuseppe’s eldest Son, Marino Morelli. Each generation has contributed to the development of the business. Marino Morelli, while continuing the Gelato business, also focused on building what was at the time the biggest private coffee chain in the UK (with over 30 units), a bakery and sandwich factory. The parlour served more than 20 flavours, made in front of the customer and a variety of ice cream sundaes, which are still produced in the many franchised units around the world.[citation needed]

His daughter Bibi Morelli joined Morelli’s Gelato in 2003 and took over fully in 2005, on Marino’s retirement. Bibi Morelli had studied law at Kings College London. After completing a master's degree in international law at Georgetown University, she qualified as a lawyer in both the UK and US, specializing in banking law in London, Milan and Madrid where she practiced for five years prior to joining her father in the family business during the launch of the Harrods parlour.[citation needed]

Current Morelli’s Gelato Units[edit]

  • Broadstairs, UK 1932 (historic flagship store)
  • Harrods, UK 2003 (franchise since 2011)
  • Kuwait 2007
  • Abu Dhabi, UAE 2007
  • Café de Paris, Monaco 2008
  • Dubai Mall, UAE 2009
  • Mall of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2011
  • Dallas, USA March 2012
  • Power Plant Mall, Philippines October 2012
  • Bangsar Shopping Centre, Malaysia, January 2014

Openings in 2012[edit]

  • Tbilisi, Georgia August 2012
  • Bahrain, 2012
  • Singapore, 2012


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