Morgan's Circus Clown Coaster

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Morgan's Circus Clown Coaster is a children's steel coaster which is opening at Wicksteed Park in England in October 2011. However, the Rollercoaster is known to had operated in the Beaver Creek section of Pleasure Beach Blackpool from 1995 to 2008. The theming of the ride was a ride through a circus with Morgan the Clown.

This ride was located in the Beaver Creek kids section of Pleasure Beach Blackpool, and opened in 1995. It was a simple track shape of an oval and contained only a few dips and the train was designed to look like a clown. The train consisted of four cars, each capable of seating four riders, the train normally did two laps of its oval shaped circuit.

The Ride was sold to a Travelling Showman in late 2008 and The ride was in use at New Pleasureland in Southport for the 2009 Season. However, the ride left before the 2010 season started. In April 2011, the ride resurfaced as it was confirmed that Wicksteed Park have bought the rollercoaster, It was also confirmed that it was bought for £20,000 and Wicksteed will keep its original clown theme and spend £130,000 refurbishing the rollercoaster before a grand unveiling during the October half-term break.[1]


The rollercoaster rolled back in 2003 when the train was too heavy with the passengers on board.


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