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An autumn day at the Morgan Arboretum
The Conservation Centre

The Morgan Arboretum is a 245-hectare (610-acre) forested reserve, on the McGill University Macdonald Campus in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue on the western tip of the Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. McGill University acquired the property in 1945, and through the work of Robert Watson and his son, John Watson, the Arboretum has remained a managed, mixed-used area, used for the purpose of conservation, academic study, recreation, and forestry management. Conservation and education are primary features of the Arboretum forest and many workshops and walks on subjects such as wilderness skills, insects, birds and trees are offered. The 'Owl Prowl' which happens after dark is a popular event. More than 180 species of birds have been observed and about a 100 are known to breed within the Arboretum.

It has also been an important recreational facility for the community. It is supported by both McGill and a charity, the Morgan Arboretum Association. Annual memberships are available and there is an active member's organisation, the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum, which had 2000 members as of 2010. Visitors are welcomed and are charged an admission fee. The Arboretum is a mixed-use, semi-urban forest, with an extensive network of walking, skiing and snowshoeing trails totaling some 25 km (16 mi). One highly popular activity is the production of maple syrup using traditional collection and production methods. There is also a memorable Hallowe'en event that includes an evening walk through some spooky woods to a log cabin for hot chocolate and a lesson about bats and owls.

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