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The Morgan Doll Museum is a doll museum in Altus, Oklahoma. It was established in 2005 and is made up of dolls collected by Mary Morgan over her liftetime. Morgan has amassed a collection totaling over 5,000 dolls. The house she lived in with her husband (until they purchased a new one) has been completely remodeled to house the doll collection.

Many rows of shelves cover every wall, all filled to capacity with dolls from the 19th century to present. Many collections are specific. The collection contains over 50 Shirley Temple dolls, over a hundred Madame Alexander, Effenbe, and many other makers both foreign and domestic. Ethnic Dolls, celebrities, dolls used in Advertising, and many other themes hold specific rooms of the house. In addition, there are two major fully furnished dollhouses that take up whole rooms of their own: A complete replica of Tara, the mansion from the movie Gone With The Wind, as well as a New England Saltbox house complete with furnishings.

The Museum is registered as a museum with the Oklahoma Tourism Board, has free admission, and is handicapped accessible.

The museum is located at 909 East Broadway, Altus, Oklahoma.


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