Morgan, Grenfell & Co.

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Morgan, Grenfell & Co.
Industry Investment bank
Fate Acquired
Successor Deutsche Bank
Founded 1838
Headquarters London, England, United Kingdom

Morgan, Grenfell & Co. was a leading London-based investment bank regarded as one of the oldest and once most influential British merchant banks.


The bank was founded by the American George Peabody in 1838 as the UK branch of his US bank which subsequently became known as J.P. Morgan & Co.[1] In 1904, Edward Grenfell was made a partner in the firm, and, in 1909, it underwent a change of name to become Morgan, Grenfell and Company. It played a key role in reconstructing Europe in the 1920s and had an extremely effective corporate finance department.[1] J.P. Morgan & Co. divested 33% of its shares in Morgan Grenfell in 1933 and all the remaining shares in 1982.[2]

In 1990 Morgan Grenfell was acquired by Deutsche Bank for $1.48 billion and was renamed Deutsche Morgan Grenfell [2] until 1999 when the use of the Morgan Grenfell name was discontinued by Deutsche Bank.[3]

Notable current and former employees[edit]




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