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Morgana Le Fay in a concept art for the 2012 video game King Arthur II

The Matter of Britain character Morgan le Fay (often known as Morgana, and sometimes also as Morgaine and other names) has been featured many times in various works of in post-medieval and modern popular culture, often but not always appearing in villainous roles. Some modern stories merge Morgan's character with her sister Morgause or with aspects of Nimue (the Lady of the Lake).

The stereotypical image of Morgan is often that of a villainess: usually a seductive, megalomaniacal, power-hungry sorceress who wishes to destroy Camelot and overthrow King Arthur, and is a fierce rival of the mage Merlin. Contemporary interpretations of the Arthurian myth sometimes assign to Morgan the role of seducing Arthur and giving birth to the wicked knight Mordred, though traditionally his mother was Morgause, Morgan's sister; in these works Mordred is often her pawn, used to bring about the end of the Arthurian age. Examples of modern Arthurian works featuring Morgan in a role a major antagonist include characters in both the DC Comics (Morgaine le Fey) and Marvel Comics (Morgan le Fay) comic book universes. Some other Arthurian fiction, however, casts Morgan in the various positive or at least more ambivalent roles, and some have her as a protagonist and sometimes a narrator.

Arthurian character[edit]

The bolded titles mark the character's an appearance as the work's main character and/or narrator.

In literature[edit]


Title Year Nature Character Notes
The Dragon's Dove Chronicles 2016 Other Morghe ferch Uther A series of historical fantasy novels by Kim Iverson Headlee, including Dawnflight, Morning's Journey, and Raging Sea. Lady Morghe is introduced in Dawnflight as the youngest child of Uther and Igraine, and she bears little love for her older brother Arthur for wielding control over her life. In Morning's Journey, she assists her betrothed, Arthur's nemesis Chieftain Urien, in a plot against the firstborn son of Arthur and his wife Gyanhumara (Guinevere).[1] Morghe, now the Chieftainess of Clan Muray,[2] and Urien marry in Raging Sea, and they continue their anti-Arthur agenda.[3]
Arthur's Legacy 2015 Morag A series of novels by J Hannigan, beginning with The Maid of Camelot, a story of Morag's daughter.
Fay Morgan Chronicles 2015 Other Morgan le Fay, Fay Morgan A series of urban fantasy novels by Katherine Sparrow, including The Magician's Mistake, The Dragon's Secret, The Witch's Hunger, The Demon's Revenge, The Hunter's Prey, and The King's Leash. It features an immortal Morgan as a Wiccan supply store in modern-day Chicago.[4]
Guinevere’s Tale Trilogy 2015 Morgan A series of novels by Nicole Evelina in which Morgan is the villain.[5] She a mysterious orphan and gifted priestess of Avalon who becomes Guinevere's rival in the first book, Daughter of Destiny.[6][7] In 2016's Camelot's Queen, Morgan converts to Christianity. Evelina also plans to write a Morgan's story book.[8]
The Morgan Trilogy 2015 Other Morgan A series of novels by Lavinia Collins: The Witches of Avalon, The Curse of Excalibur, and The Fall of Camelot.[9] Collected as Morgan: An Arthurian Fantasy.[10]
Tales of Lady Guinevere 2015 Other Morgaine A series of noevllas by Mande Matthews.[11]
Validur 2015 Evil Morgan Le Fay A series of novels by Chance Glenn, beginning with Flames of Camelot.
The Camelot Wars 2014 Evil Morgana, Morgan Le Fay, Morgause A novel series by Michael Clary. In it, the evil sorceress Morgana invades the modern world, casting a spell that makes all modern technology useless and makes her forces travel the world searching for Arthur to end his life before he can claim the Excalibur and unite the people against her.[12]
The Children of Arthur 2014 Good Morgan le Fay, Morgana A series of novels by Tyler R. Tichelaar, including Arthur's Legacy (2014) and Melusine's Gift (2015).[13] Lady Morgana is a druid priestess Lady of Avalon, an ally and former disciple of the wizard Merlin, and mother to Mordred, here a good prince son of Morgana and her half-brother King Arthur from before his marriage at the urging of Merlin. The villains are Constantine and Guinevere's half-sister, the Witch Queen Gwenhwyvach. Later, in the third book in the series, Ogier's Prayer, Morgan is the lover of Ogier the Dane and mother of his son.[14]
The Children of Camelot 2014 Good Morgana A young adult novel series by Donna Hosie, starting with The Ring of Morgana and continued in The Fire of Merlin and The Spirit of Nimue, wherein the teenage protagonist Mila Roth's parents are "the awakened King Arthur and Gorian druid queen, Morgana," and the Lady of the Lake is the antagonist.
The Devices 2014 Evil Morgan le Fay A novel series by Philip Purser-Hallard, beginning with The Pendragon Protocol and continued in The Locksley Exploit.
Forever Camelot 2014 Evil Morgana A novel series by J. Lynn McCoy, in particular Prophecy.[15][16]
Forever Avalon 2014 Evil Morgana le Fay A series of novels by Mark Piggott, in particular The Dark Tides.[17][18]
I, Morgana 2014 Other Morgana A novel by Felicity Pulman, in which an elderly Morgana tells the story of her life.[19] It was followed by The Once and Future Camelot (2016), the story of Morgana's descendants: the medieval troubadour Marie and a 21st-century botanist Morgan.[20]
Le Fay 2014 Good Morgan le Fay A series of illustrated novels by Realm Lovejoy, beginning with Henge[21] and continued with Sword.[22]
Legendary Saga 2014 Evil Morgana LeFay A novel series by L.H. Nicole, starting in Legendary and continued in Claiming Excalibur and Relics of Camelot.
Heirs of the Magykal Realm 2013 Evil Morgan le Fey Two novels by Dawna Ravers: Colour Wielders and Severed Colours.
Merlin Chronicles 2013 Evil Morgana le Fay A series of novels by Daniel Diehl in which Morgana has been denied the throne because of her gender and became a powerful evil sorceress. She has stayed alive for 1,600 years by using sex to drain vitality from men. Now she owns a giant global corporation and works to find a way to bring back dragons. Merlin, who has escaped her survived by hiding inside a magic sphere, and a young archaeologist Jason Carpenter join forces to find and defeat Morgana before it is too late.[23]
Morgana Trilogy 2013 Good Morgana Pendragon A young adult novel series by Alessa Ellefson: Blood of the Fey, Fire of the Fey, and Rise of the Fey.
The Prophecy of Three 2013 Evil Morgana A young adult novel series by Sam Whitehouse, including The Keys of Time and The Demons Hunt.
Young Knights 2013 Evil Morgan La Faye A series of novels by Julia Golding.
The Amethyst Dragon 2012 Other Morgan le Fay A series of novels by D.C. Grace, including Dragon Wings and Pixie Dust.[24]
Avalon 2012 Evil Morgana le Fey A series of novels by Robert Larrison, including Ghosts of Avalon (2012), Queen of Avalon (2012), and the prequel The Last Battle for Camelot (2013).
The Avalon Legacies 2012 Good Morgaine Le Fay A series of novels by Nicole Hill, including Legacy Forgotten and Legacy Foretold.
Knights of Camelot 2012 Good Morgana Morgana is a featured character in this novel series by Sarah Luddington, including in Lancelot's Burden (2012), Lancelot's Challenge (2012), Betrayal of Lancelot (2013), Passion of Lancelot (2013), and Revenge of Lancelot (2014).
Otherworld Chronicles 2012 Evil Morgaine A juvenile novel series by Nils Johnson-Shelton, including The Invisible Tower (2012), The Seven Swords (2013), and The Dragon King (2013).[25][26]
Pendragon Legacy 2012 Evil Morgan Le Fay A series by Katherine Roberts, beginning with Sword of Light and continued in Lance Of Truth (2012), Crown of Dreams (2013), and Grail Of Stars (2014). In it the witch Lady Morgan is now dead, having first drowned her druid mentor Merlin, but her spirit advises her evil son Morderd from the underworld of Annwn.
Spell Sisters 2012 Evil Morgana Le Fay A series of children's novels by Amber Castle, including Sophia the Flame Sister (2012), Lily the Forest Sister (2012), Isabella the Butterfly Sister (2012), Amelia the Silver Sister (2012), Grace the Sea Sister (2012), Evie the Swan Sister (2012), Olivia the Otter Sister (2013), and Chloe the Storm Sister (2013). In it, "Morgana is the elder sister of the other eight Spell Sisters who live on Avalon. She grew jealous of her sisters, and decided she wanted to take all of their powers and have Avalon all to herself."[27]
Tales from Camelot 2012 Good Morgan la Fay A series by Paul Green, where Morgan is "an innocent victim of abuse who was rescued and brought in under her big brother’s protective wing."[28]
Morgen of Avalon 2011 Good Morgen Carol Weakland's trilogy consisting of Dreamspell, Child of Destiny and Epiphany.[29] Morgen is a faerie goddess and Queen of Avalon dedicated to teaching people about peace, healing and their connection to the divine. She assumed mortal form as a changeling child to become King Arthur's healer and his true love, and helps him create a peaceful Britannia through her powers of healing and prophecy. Later books also feature a daughter of Morgen and Merlin, Eliana.
Spell 2011 Evil Morgana le Fay Lady Morgana le Fay is the villain of this children's novel series by C.J. Busby, including in Frogspell, Cauldron Spells (2012), Swordspell (2013), and Icespell (2014).[30] Morgana is the most powerful sorceres in the kingdom who is secretly plotting to kill her brother Arthur so that she could be queen.
The Megaverse Series 2010 Good Morgana Le Fay A series of novel by Angela Knight, including Morgana's book The Oath of Service.
Merlin Prophecy 2010 Other Morgan A prequel series to M K Hume's King Arthur Trilogy, wherein Morgan is especially featured in Hunting with Gods (2013).
The Squire's Tales 2008 Good Morgan Le Fay, Lady Morgan A series by Gerald Morris. In The Squire's Tale, Morgan first appears as a shapeshifting (introducing herself in form of a dragon) Arthur's half-sister and Gawain's aunt and a chaotic enchantress. Morgan has an elder sister Morgause who appears to be reincarnation of the evil goddess known as The Enchantress and is plotting to kill Arthur. In The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady, the readers learn about Morgan's failed attempt to heal Gawain's young sister Elaine and of her forbidden love of Arthur. In The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, Morgan tutors the protagonist Lady Lynet in magic. In The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight, Morgan disguises herself as a crone to protect her young niece Sarah from Morgause's minion Meliagant. In The Lioness and Her Knight, a young Luneta of Orkney, a daughter of Lynet, goes to the fairy realm Other World and is thought by her great-aunt Lady Morgan to become an enchantress just like Morgan has also trained her mother and dozens of other sorceresses.
Dark Britannia 2009 Evil Morgana le Fey A series of novels by Bill Coffin, including Pax Morgana (2009), Pax Arcadia (2011), and Pax Britannia (2013).
King Arthur Trilogy 2009 Other Morgan the Fay A series of three novels by M K Hume: Dragon's Child, Warrior of the West (2009), and The Bloody Cup (2010).
Pendragon's Banner Trilogy 2009 Good Morgaine A series of novels by Helen Hollick in which Morgaine is a pagan priestess known as the Lady of the Lake and the mother of Arthur's son Medraut (Mordred).
The Red Monocle 2009 Evil Morgan le Fay A series of children's novels by Wim Coleman and Pat Perrin, including The Taker and the Keeper (2009) and The Death of the Good Wizard (2011). Its Morgan is a contemporary world-threatening sorceress and an enemy of Merlin and his modern students, able to take the form of a snake (small or large) and work great magic.
Doomsday Brethren 2008 Evil Morganna le Fay A series of novels by Shayla Black, including Tempt Me with Darkness (2008), Possess Me at Midnight (2009), Seduce Me In Shadow (2009), and Entice Me at Twilight (2010).
The Matter of Britain 2008 Evil Morgana A series of novels by Mark Adderley, including and The Hawk and the Wolf (2008) and The Heroes of Annwn (2013).
Merlin Investigation 2008 Evil Morgan Le Fay A series of novels by J.M.C. Blair: The Excalibur Murders (2008),[31] The Lancelot Murders (2009), and The Pendragon Murders (2010).[32]
Otherworld 2008 Morgaine A series of novels by Yasmine Galenorn, wherein Morgaine, the half-fae Queen of Shadow and Dusk is introduced in Darkling (2008) and returning in several of later books including Dragon Wytch (2008), Demon Mistress (2009), Night Huntress (2009), Bone Magic (2010), Harvest Hunting (2010), Courting Darkness (2011), Haunted Moon (2013), Priestess Dreaming (2014), and Panther Prowling (2015).
Realm of the Bear 2008 Evil Morgan le Fay, Morgana A series of novels by S. R. Sorel.
Guardians of Eternity 2007 Evil Morgana le Fay A series of novels by Alexandra Ivy, including Embrace the Darkness (2007), Darkness Revealed (2009) and Bound By Darkness (2011).
PenDragon's Requite 2007 Other Morgana Cornwall, Morgana Le Fey The "fallen princess of Cornwall, Morgana the renegade Fey" is introduced in Victor C. Brice's King Arthur Triumphant and featured in The Queens of Nightmares and Dreams.[33] The third book, The Sovereign Prince (2014), features two children of Arthur's son Michael and Morgana.[34]
The Three Damosels 2007 Evil Morgan le Fay, The Morrigan A trilogy of novellas by Vera Chapman, starting with The Green Knight and continued in King Arthur's Daughter.
Camelot 2006 Good Morgan le Fey A series by Cynthia Breeding, including Fate of Camelot (2008) and Camelot's Enchantment (2011).[35] In it, Morgan is Faerie queen engaged to her demigod consort Cernunnos.[36]
The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica 2006 Good The Morgaine, the Three Who Are One A series of novels by James A. Owen, including Here, There Be Dragons (2006) and The Search for the Red Dragon (2008) and The Shadow Dragons (2009). The Morgaine are three witches: Gweynhfar (Guinevere), Circe, and Calypso.
Grail Quest 2006 Evil Morgain le Fay A series of novels by Laura Anne Gilman, including The Camelot Spell, Morgain's Revenge,[37] and The Shadow Companion.
Grey Griffins 2006 Evil Morgan LaFey, Morgan the Black Witch A series of juvenile fiction novels by Derek Benz and J. S. Lewis, featuring an immortal Morgan as an antagonist in The Revenge of the Shadow King and The Rise of the Black Wolf. The story, while set in present day, is loosely tied to Arthurian mythology, via a blood line connecting the hero directly back to Arthur.
Knights of the Round Table 2006 Good Morgana A series of novels by Gwen Rowley, including Knights of the Round Table: Lancelot (2006) and Knights of the Round Table: Gawain (2007).
Lords of Avalon 2006 Evil Morgan Le Fey A series of novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Kinley MacGregor) in which Morgen Le Fey is a bueatiful but heartlessly evil Queen of the Fey who will not stop until she restores her son Mordred to life and takes the throne of Camelot.
The Promethean Age 2006 Good Morgan le Fey, Morgan of Cornwall A series of novels by Elizabeth Bear, including Ink and Steel[38] and Blood and Iron.[39]
The Sisters Grimm 2005 Good Morgan le Fay In this series by Michael Buckley, the beautiful Morgan le Fay, who used to be King Arthur's trusted advisor in Camelot, is an Everafter who was part of a coven of witches called The Three to keep the humans of Ferryport Landing nonethewiser of the existence of Everafters. She has a son named Mordred and is married to Mr. Seven in the Council of Mirrors.
The Paths to Camelot 2004 Evil Morgaine, Morgaine the Goddess, Morgaine the Sleepless, Morgan the Fey In this series by Sarah Zettel, Morgaine is an evil sorceress who wants to destroy Merlin and take Camelot. She has the son her son Mordred and a good twin sister of Queen Morgause, who along with Merlin has once captured and imprisoned her. In the first book, In Camelot's Shadow, Morgaine acts through her apprentice and adoptive daughter Kerra and sorceress Euberacon. In For Camelot's Honor, Morgaine orks with Gwiffert, using magic to make the Welsh chieftain Elen, whose brother was Urien kills, betray Arthur. Elen escapes her power with Merlin's help and uses a magic spear of the Green Man to kill Morgaine's beloved husband Urien the Bull. In Under Camelot's Banner, Morgaine manipulates various people to break minor lands away from Camelot. She plots with the traitorus prince Colan against Lynet and Gareth and to overthow the rule of Cambryn, where she, Morgaine and Guinevere grew up together, and also disguises as Guinevere to seduce Lancelot. In Camelot's Blood, Morgause's son Agravain and the half-water spirit Laurel Carnbrea, the Queen of Cambryn, help to defend the land of Gododdin from the Pictish invasion led by Morgaine and Mordred who have caused the disappearance of Morgause and drove King Lot to madness. In the end, Agravain defeats them and Laurel tricks and destroys Morgaine after a shapeshifting duel.
Die Legende von Camelot 2001 Evil Morgaine A series of three novels by Wolfgang Hohlbein and Heike Hohlbein.
Shalott 2001 Other Morgan le Fay A series of young adult novels by Felicity Pulman, including Shalott (2001), Return to Shalott (2002) and Shalott: The Final Journey (2003).
Guenevere 1999 Other Morgan Le Fay A trilogy of novels by Rosalind Miles: Guenevere, Queen of the Summer Country (1999), The Knight of the Sacred Lake (2001), and The Child of the Holy Grail (2002).
The Tales of Annwn 1999 Other Morgan le Fay Morgan is an ancestress of the sorceress Morgana in this series by Alison Baird, including The Hidden World and its prequel The Wolves of Woden.[40]
Knights Quest 1998 Evil Morgan le Fay A trilogy by Peter McElhinney: Knights Errant, Search for the Swords and Larthingal.
Merlin's Legacy 1998 Evil Morgana Dawn of Camelot and Daughter of Camelot by Carla Simpson.
Harry Potter 1997 Evil Morgan le Fay, Morgana In the franchise's lore, Morgan was a very powerful Dark witch, especially very adapt with transformation (into a bir) and healing spells, who lived during the Middle Ages. She was the queen of the island of Avalon the half-sister of King Arthur and an enemy of Merlin and she played a role in many events during her lieftime. Like her half-brother, she was a monarch, ruling as queen of the island of Avalon. She is mentioned in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and appears on famous wizard cards in some Harry Potter games. In 2011, Royal Mail issued a series of stamps featuring magical figures, including Morgan le Fay based on the Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling.
The Mordred Cycle 1995 A trilogy of novels by Haydn Middleton, including Morgan-centered The Queen's Captive.[41][42]
The Warlord Chronicles 1995 Other Morgan A series of historical-fantasy novels by Bernard Cornwell beginning with The Winter King and continued in Enemy of God (1998) and Excalibur: A Novel of Arthur (1999). Morgan is the horribly disfigured bastard daughter of Uther Pendragon, High King of Britain, and half-sister of Arthur. She is a relatively minor character who begins the series as the chief lieutenant of the druid Merlin, but is eventually supplanted by the younger Nimue. Through a friendship and eventual marriage to Sansum, a bishop, Morgan ultimately converts to Christianity. Also known as The King Arthur Trilogy.
The Crossroads 1994 Evil In Nick O'Donohoe's The Magic and the Healing and Under the Healing Sign (1995), Morgan the evil queen of Anavalon, Arthur's former kingdom and now a wasteland, who invades Crossroads, a magical realm where the paths to many worlds intersect.
Daughter of Tintagel 1992 Other Morgan le Fay A series of novels by Fay Sampson, telling the story of Morgan from five various perspectives (including her own): Wise Woman's Telling, White Nun's Telling, Blacksmith's Telling, Taliesin's Telling, Herself. Reprinted in 2005 as Morgan le Fay.
Magic Tree House 1992 Good Morgan le Fay The lead characters of Mary Pope Osborne's long series of this children's books, Jack and Annie, are taken on secret missions throughout history by Morgan, travelling through time in her magical treehouse.[43]
Dark Ages of Britain 1988 Good Morgan of Avalon In Joan Wolf's The Road to Avalon, Born of the Sun (1989) and The Edge of Light (1990), Morgan is at once Merlin's daughter, Mordred's mother, and Arthur's lover.[44] In The Road to Avalon, Morgan is the youngest daughter of Merlin and loves Arthur, who refuses to marry him and conceals her pregnancy with their child Mordred for the good of Britain. Also known as Warrior Kings trilogy.
Guinevere 1987 Evil Morgan le Fay A series of novels by Persia Woolley, including Child of the Northern Spring (1987), Queen of the Summer Stars (1991) and Guinevere: The Legend in Autumn (1993), in which Morgan is a power-hungry pagan high priestess and Lady of the Lake, who turns into an enemy of Guinevere and Arthur.
The Pendragon Cycle 1987 Evil Morgian A series of novels by Stephen R. Lawhead.
Wildworld 1987 Good Morgana In L. J. Smith's Night of the Solstice, Morgana is a half-fairy and largely sympathetic character and an ally of the children protagonists. In the sequel Heart of Valor (1990), one of her enemies is the evil Merlin.
The Wizard of 4th Street 1987 Good Morgan LeFay In Simon Hawke's original The Wizard of 4th Street and the sequels The Wizard of Whitechapel (1988), The Wizard of Sunset Strip (1989), The Wizard of Rue Morgue (1990), The Samurai Wizard (1991), The Wizard of Sante Fe (1991), The Wizard of Camelot (1993), and The Wizard of Lovecraft's Cafe (1993), the half-breed magical alien/human Morgan, her son Modred, two descendants of her sisters Elaine and Morgause, Merlin, Gorlois's spirit and the descendants of his daughters all join forces with modern characters to fight evil through time and space.
The New Magic 1985 Evil Morgan Le Fay A series of novels by Pamela F. Service, set in Britain after five centuries of nuclear winter that cast it into "a new Dark Age that is, once again the setting for a conflict between Arthur and Merlin and their old enemy Morgan La Fay."[44] It includes Winter of Magic's Return, was followed by Tomorrow's Magic (1987), Yesterday's Magic (2008), and Earth's Magic (2009).
The Keltiad 1984 Good Morgan Magistra A series of science-fantasy novels by Patricia Kennealy-Morrison wherein Morgan is one of the ancestors of the titular protagonist of the first cycle, Tales of Aeron. In the second cycle, Morgan appears as an important character in The Hawk's Gray Feather (1990) and The Hedge of Mist.[45] She is a great sorceress and a sister of Arthur, opposing her evil twin Marguessan (Morgause), and married to Taliesin who narrates the story.[46]
Guinevere 1981 Other Morgan Le Fay A series of novels by Sharan Newman.
Tales of King Arthur 1977 A series of children's booklets by Desmond Dunkerley featuring Morgan as Merlin's stepsister.
Merlin 1973 Other Morgan le Fay, Morgian A novel series by Mary Stewart, including The Hollow Hills (1973), The Last Enchantment (1979), The Wicked Day (1983), and The Prince and the Pilgrim (1995).
Dragon 1961 Evil Morgan le Fay Children's fantasy books by Rosemary Manning, where Morgan is introduced in The Dragon's Quest and is Leodegrance's daughter in addition to Arthur's half-sister.


Title Year Nature Character Notes
Hearken to Avalon 2016 Good Morgaine A novel by Arianna Alexsandra Collins.[47]
Morgan: A Camelot Tale 2015 Morgan la Fay A novel by Deborah Foulkes.[48]
Pendragon 2015 Evil Morgan Le Fay A novel by Christopher Bramble.
AD 499: Sir Guaen and the Green Knight 2014 Good Morgan Le Fay A novel by Aenghus Chisholme.
Avalon Relics 2014 Good Morgana A series of novels by J. L. Clark.
Camelot Burning 2014 Morgan le Fay A novel by Kathryn Rose.
The Camelot Code 2014 Evil Morgan Le Fay A novel by Mari Mancusi.[49]
Chapel of Carnal Love: A Novel 2014 Morgan A "sexy fairy tale" by Susan Starr Richards.[50]
King and Raven 2014 Good Morgan le Fay A novel by Cary James.
King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy Grail 2014 Good Morgan Le Fay A novel by Stephen Sim in which Lady Morgan is a protagonist against the Queen Guinevere.[51]
King Arthur's Sister in Washington's Court 2014 Other Morgan le Fay, Morgan the Wise A science-fiction/fantasy crossover novel by Kim Iverson Headlee, sequel to Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court and written as if by Mark Twain. Queen Morgan, upset that the Yankee has destroyed her world, casts a spell trying to get to Connecticut of 1879 to kill him before he can travel back to the sixth century. But her spell misses by 300 miles and 200 years, landing her in the Washington, DC of 2079, where she decides to rebuild her kingdom.[52][53][54]
Merlin's Daughters 2014 Evil Morgana A novel by John Andrucci.
The Merrikan King 2014 Good Fay Stone, Morgana Le Fay A novel by Gerry Green.
Lady Morgana 2014 Good Morgana Dawson A novel by Desy Giuffrè.
Mordred and the King 2014 Evil Morgan le Fay A novel by John Michael Curlovichè.
The Prophecy 2014 Evil Morgana A novel by Lisa Jones.
Sword Across Time 2014 Evil Morganna A novel by Cathy Walker.
Der Traum von Camelot 2014 Morgana A novel by Viktor Goldmann.
Water: Excalibur's Return 2014 Good Morgan le Fey A novel by Meredith Bond, in which the Lady Morgan le Fay is the ruler of Avalon and a sister to the power-hungry Nimue, the villain of the story.
Beyond the Myst: The Lost Years of King Arthur 2013 Evil Morgana A novel by Shari Prestwood, Ashley Kuppersmith, and N. K. Schlaudecker.
Daughters of Avalon 2013 Evil Morgan le Fay A novel by Darryl Jouett.
Eochaidh: The Legend of the Horsemen 2013 Evil Morganna A novel by Terri Reid.
Eternal 2013 Good Morganna Alderley A novel by Denise Dowdell-Stent.
Heartskin Stories 2013 Good Morgana A book by JM Levar.
Legend 2013 Good Morgana, Donnchadh A novel in the Area 51 series by Bob Mayer.
Magic & Mayhem 2013 Evil Morgana le Fay A novel in the Taurus Moon: Relic Hunter series by D.K. Gaston.
The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin 2013 Evil Morgana le Fey A novel by Rachel Neumeier.
The Galahad Factor 2012 Good Morgana A novel by Michael Bernard.
Incarnation 2012 Morgaine A novel by Emma Cornwall.
Merlin's Candles 2012 Evil Morgan Le Fay A novel by L.B. MacDonald.
Morgaine: Das Leben einer Priesterin von Avalon 2012 Good Morgaine A novel by Christine Arana Fader.
Poison 2012 Other Morgan le Fay A novel in the Legacy series by Molly Cochran.
Queen Morgana and the Renfairies 2012 Good Morgana A novel by Teel James Glenn.
Wicked Hungry 2012 Good Morgan le Fey A young adult urban fantasy novel by Teddy Jacobs.
The Circle Cast: The Lost Years of Morgan Le Fay 2011 Other Anna, Morgan, Morgan Le Fay A novel by Alex Epstein, speculating about what could have happened in the legend to Morgan, born as Anna, between her being sent into an exile to Ireland at the age of 11 after the murder of her father Gorlois by Uther Pendragon, and her return years later as a powerful witch seeking revenge.[55][56]
The Death Catchers 2011 Good Morgan le Faye A young adult novel by Jennifer Anne Kogler in which the protagonist Lizzy Mortimer is the descendant of Morgan le Fay and Lancelot who opposes Morgan's evil sister, Vivienne le Mort.
Kingdom Jumper 2011 Evil Morgana The novel by Emily Lark in the Children of Avalon series.
Marco 2011 Celeste DeCumpania, Morgan A novel in the Books of Insanity series by KT Pinto.
Mordred 2011 A novel by Gregory J. Downs.[57]
Peltar and the Rainbow Knight 2011 Evil Morgan LeFay A novel by David McDonald.
La Signora del Graal 2011 Morgana la Fata A novel by Federica Leva.
Arthur of Avalon 2010 Other Morgan Le Fay A novel by Gary L. Carlson.
Dawn of Avalon 2010 Morgan Le Fay A stand-alone novella by Anna Elliott set in the world of Twilight of Avalon, telling the story of Morgan's and Melin's youth as lovers.[58]
The Dragons 2: Excalibur 2010 Good Morgan le Fey A juvenile fiction novel by Colin Thompson.
Heir to Avalon 2010 Evil Morganna A novel by C. A. Zraik.
The Girl's King Arthur: Tales of the Women of Camelot 2010 Good Morgan le Fay A collection of five stories by Barbara Tepa Lupack, including one about Morgan.
Kong Arthur og Ridderne af det Runde Bord 2010 Morgana A juvenile fiction novel by Peter Gotthardt.
Lady Pendragon 2010 Other Morganna Du Lac A novel by Marly Mathews.
A Land Beyond Ravens 2009 Good Morgaine A novel by Kathleen Guler.
Guinevere's Gamble 2009 Other Morgan A novel by Nancy McKenzie.
Twilight of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan & Isolde 2009 Morgan A novel by Anna Elliott, featuring Morgan of Avalon. Followed by Sunrise of Avalon: A Novel of Trystan & Isolde in 2011.
Morgaine 2009 Morgaine A novel by Jutta M. Baur.
Avalon's Eclipse 2008 Good Morgan Le Fay A novel by T. R. Myers.
Clara of Camelot and the Search for Excalibur 2008 Evil Morgana le Fay A novel by Ian Lauder.
The Curse 2008 Evil Morgana A novel by Marian Nichols.[59]
Elfindale 2008 Good Morgan le Fay A book by Stuart Paul, where Morgan is a half-faerie sister to Arthur.
Die Konigin Morgana 2008 Morgana A book by Margot Beier.[60]
Morgan Le Fay 2008 Good Morgan Le Fay, Ula, Carfus A novel by Dozier Finley.
The Night Dance 2008 Evil Morgan le Fey A novel by Suzanne Weyn, mixing the Arthurian legend with the fairy tale of The Twelve Dancing Princesses.
Sons of Avalon: Merlin's Prophecy 2008 Good Morgan A novel by Dee Marie.
Sydney Wakefield: Into the Faraway 2008 Evil Morgan Le Fay A young adult novel by Kimberly J. Smith.
The Timeweavers 2008 Other Morgan, Enchantress Queen, Raven Queen, Queen of Ravens A novel by Morgan Fitzsimons and Kat Jones.
Beyond the Legend 2007 Evil Morgan le Faye A novel by Jo Ann Mason.
The Book of Mordred 2007 Morgan le Fay, Morgana A novel by Vivian Vande Velde.
The Chronicles of Percyval 2007 Evil Morgana, Black Queen A novel by Michael Aguiar.[61]
Song of the Sparrow 2007 Good Morgan A young adult novel by Lisa Ann Sandell.
King Arthur 2006 Evil Morgana A book by Gwyn Thomas.[62]
Merlin's Apprentice 2006 Evil Morgan le Fay A children's novel by Tanya Landman.
The Stones of Camelot 2006 Morgana Le Fay A young adult novel by Brian Stableford.[63]
Witchery: A Ghosts of Albion Novel 2006 Evil Morgana le Fey A novel by Christopher Golden and Amber Benson.
The Heirs of Fate 2005 Other Morgana A book by Susan Wilson Younkins.[64]
Morgana the Spooky Sorceress 2005 Evil Morgan An illustrated children's book by Tony Mitton and Arthur Robins.
In Days of Knights 2004 Other Morganna le Fai A book by Philip H. Young.[65]
Le Morte D'Avalon 2003 Other Morgan, Morgan le Fey, Morrigan A final part of the Arthurian series of novels by J. Robert King.
The Magic of Camelot 2003 Other Morgan le Fey A novel by Gabrielle Gilkison.
I am Morgan le Fay: A Tale of Camelot 2002 Other Morgan le Fay A novel by Nancy Springer.
Isle of Skye 2002 Good Morgan A novel by Constance Hall.
A Memória da Espada 2002 Fada Morgana A novel by Roberto de Sousa Causo.
Queen of Camelot 2002 Morgan, Witch of Rheged A novel by Nancy McKenzie, originally published as The Child Queen (1994) and The High Queen (1995).
The Dragon's Son 2001 Morgan A novel by Sarah L. Thomson in which Morgan is Arthur's half-sister and embittered former wife, and a mother of his two twin sons, including Medraud. It is written partially from Morgan's point of view.[66][67]
Camelot Remembered 2000 Evil Morgaine A book by Janet Zibell.[68]
Temptresses: The Virago Book of Evil Women 2000 Good Morgan le Fay A novel by Shahrukh Husain in which the fairy Morgan, "long painted as her half-brother King Arthur's foe, is shown to have been testing his worthiness, selflessly allowing herself to be thought of as a villain in order to train him to be a better, more careful ruler."[69]
Women of Camelot: Queens and Enchantresses at the Court of King Arthur 2000 Morgan le Fay A book by Mary Hoffman and Christina Balit.[70]
Avalon: The Return of King Arthur 1999 Evil Morgian, Moira A novel by Stephen R. Lawhead.
Guardian of the Balance 1999 Evil Morgaine A historical fantasy novel by Irene Radford.
The Enchantresses 1998 Evil Morgan A novel by Vera Chapman.
King Arthur 1998 Evil Morgan le Fay A book by Rosalind Kerven and Tudor Humphries,[71] retitled Arthurian Legends.
Prawdziwa historia Morgan le Fay i Rycerzy Okrągłego Stołu 1998 Other Ana, Anna, Morgan le Fay A novel by Krystyna Kwiatkowska.[72][73]
Merdinus 1996 Morgan By Mike Resnick and Linda Dunn.
I, Morgain 1995 Other Morgain A novel by Harry Robin and Adolph Caso.[74]
Merlin's Bones 1995 Morgan le Fay A novel by Fred Saberhagen.
Merlin's Harp 1995 Other Morgan le Faye, Witch Morgan, Witch Queen In this novel by Anne Eliot Crompton, Morgan steals Calibur (Excalibur) out of her hatred for Arthur, but Merlin and Ninniane retrieve it and Arthur's son Mordred from her. She is later seen transporting the dead Arthur to Avalon.
The Return of Merlin 1995 Evil "Fairy Fay", Morgan le Fay A novel by Deepak Chopra.
The Grail of Hearts 1993 A novel by Susan Shwartz.
On All Hallows' Eve 1992 Good Morgan le Fay A novel by Grace Chetwin.
The Witch of the North 1992 Other Morgan La Fey A novel by Courtway Jones.
Avalon 1991 Good Morgant Mary J. Jones' "lesbian Arthurian romance"[44] in which Morgant is Nimue's lover.
Castleview 1990 Other Viviane Morgan, Morgan le Fay A novel by Gene Wolfe.[75][76]
Firelord 1990 Other Morgan le Fay, Morgana Morgan le Fay, called Morgana, is a sympathetic character in Firelord by Parke Godwin, where she is presented as a fiery leader of the wild Prydn Pictish people who live north of Hadrian's Wall, and Mordred is her illigimate son. The original novel was followed by the sequel Beloved Exile in 1984. The series' prequel, The Last Rainbow, tells the story of Morgana's ancestors.
King Arthur's Mouse 1988 Evil Morgana A children's novel by Tony Langham.
Last Sword of Power 1988 Morgan A fantasy novel by David Gemmell (a sequel to Ghost King).
Magicians of Erianne 1988 Morgan le Fey A young adult novel by James R. Berry.
The Third Magic 1988 Other Morrigan, Rigan (1) / Morgan Lefevre, Morgan LeFay (2) A young adult novel by Welwyn Wilton Katz. Morgan Lefevre, a 20th-century Canadian, is transported to the Celtic kingdom of Nwm, to become Morgan LeFay. Arthur's sister is Morrigan, also known as Rigan.
Knight Life 1987 Evil Morgan le Fey A novel by Peter David.
The Knights of the Hawthorn Crescent 1986 Evil Miss Morgan A children's book by Jenny Koralek.
Broken Stone 1985 Morga A novel by Richard Monaco.
Out of the Dark World 1985 Good Morgan le Fay A novel by Grace Chetwin
Arthur and His Knights 1984 A book by Anthony Mockler.
The Grail Quest: From Frost to Flower 1983 Morgan le Fay A children's book by Anne Reyersbach.
The High Kings 1983 Good Morgen A novel by Joy Chant. In the book, Morgen is one of the nine sisters in Avalon and a daughter of the lake fairy and Gorlas (Gorlois).[77]
The Idylls of the Queen 1982 Other Morgan le Faye A novel by Phyllis Ann Karr.
The Mists of Avalon 1982 Good Morgaine, Morgan le Fay A novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
The Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter 1981 Good Morgan le Fay A novel by John Myers Myers.
Excalibur! 1980 Other Morgana, Nimue A novel by Gil Kane and John Jakes.
A Dream of Fair Serpents 1979 Good Morgan A novel by Catherine Darby (Maureen Peters).
The Grail War 1979 Morgana A novel by Richard Monaco.
An Old Friend of the Family 1979 Evil Morgan A novel by Fred Saberhagen.
Arthur Rex 1978 Evil Morgan La Fey A novel by Thomas Berger.
Merlin 1978 Morgan le Fay A novel by Robert Nye.
Excalibur 1973 Other Morgan le Fay A novel by Sanders Anne Laubenthal in which Morgan and Morgause oppose a modern Pendragon searching for Excalibur in Alabama.
The Whispering Knights 1971 Evil Morgan le Fay A novel by Penelope Lively.
King Arthur's Sword 1968 Evil Morgana le Fay A children's book by Errol Le Cain.
The Sleepers 1968 Evil Morgan In this children's book by Jane Louise Curry, "four children discover Arthur and his knights sleeping underground. With the help of Myrddin, they prevent Morgan and Medraut from destroy the Sleepers and stealing the thirteen Treasures of Prydein (Britain)."[44]
Druid's World 1967 Morgan le Fay A novel by George Henry Smith.
Sword at Sunset 1963 Evil Ygerna A novel by Rosemary Sutcliff.
Three Hearts and Three Lions 1961 Other Morgan le Fay A novel by Poul Anderson.
Half Magic 1954 Evil Morgan le Fay A novel by Edward Eager.
The Sword in the Stone 1938 Evil Morgan le Fay A novel by T.H. White.
The Sea Priestess 1936 Good Vivien Le Fay Morgan, Morgan le Fay A novel by Dion Fortune about Vivien Le Fay Morgan, a modern reincarnation of Arthurian character. It was continued in the novel Moon Magic (1956) and the short story "The Death of Vivien Le Fay Morgan".
Marvelous History of King Arthur in Avalon 1904 Other Morgan le Fay By William John Courthope.
Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic 1898 Good Morgana A book by Thomas Wentworth Higginson.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1889 Evil Morgan le Fay A satirical novel by Mark Twain. The tale's Morgan le Fay represents an archetypical corrupt and cruel feudal aristocrat, keeping prisoners for decades in her dungeon.
Idylls of the King 1859 Good A cycle of poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
Avillion or the Happy Isles 1853 Good Morgue la Faye A book by Dinah Craik.
The Mantle 1826 Evil Morgana
Pantagruel 1534 Good A novel by François Rabelais.
Orlando Furioso 1532 Evil Morgana An epic poem by Ludovico Ariosto.

Short forms[edit]

Title Year Nature Character Notes
"Igraine" 2000 Other Morgabn A short story by Debra A. Kemp.
"The Architect of Worlds" 1998 A short story by Brian Stableford.
"Totally Camelot" 1998 Morgan, the Queen of Air Darkness A short story by Esther Friesner.
"The Treason of Morgan Le Fay" 1998 Morgan Le Fay A short story by George Cox.
"The Dragon of Camlann" 1997 Good Morgan le Fay A short story by Darrell Schweitzer.
"The Gest of Sir Brandiles" 1997 Morgan A short story by Kurt Roth.
"Just Cause" 1997 Other Morgan A short story by Fay Sampson.
"The Knight of Good Heart" 1997 Morgan A short story by Liz Holliday.[78]
"Demon Sword" 1995 Good Morganna A revisionist short story by Bill Fawcett in which Morganna is a druidess determined to stop the tyrant Arthur by stealing his evil sword Excalibur.
"Goldie, Lox, and the Three Excalibearers" 1995 Good Morgan le Fay A short story by Esther Friesner.
"The Most Ancient Battle" 1995 Morgan A short story by Michael G. Coney.
"The Rite of Challenge" 1995 Morgan le Fay A short story by Peter Valentine Timlett. It was followed by "Launcelot's Grail" in 1996.
"Troubled Waters" 1995 Good Morgana A short story by Susan Shwartz about a conflict between Morgana and the Lady of the Lake, who wants to kill Arthur in Avalon.
"The Three Queens" 1993 Good Morgan the Black A short story by Esther Friesner.
"The Thirteenth Tree" 1991 Good Morgan
"The Queen's Cat's Tale" 1991 Evil Morgan le Fay, "Morgan La Chat" A short story by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.[79]
"X-Calibre" 1990 Evil Morton A short story by Garry Kilworth.
"Uallannach" 1988 Morgan le Fay A short story by Parke Godwin.
"Wake-Up Call" 1988 Good Morgan le Fay A short story by Esther Friesner. Republished in Up the Wall: And Other Stories with "The Three Queens".[80]
"Morgan's Lament" 1987 Evil Morgan A poem by Janet P. Reedman.
"The Lessons" 1984 Morganna Le Fey A poem by Judith Roche.
"The Last Defender of Camelot" 1979 Good Morgana le Fay A short story by Roger Zelazny.
"Bitterblooms" 1977 Morgan A short story by George R. R. Martin.
"The Tale of the Enchantress and the Magic Scabbard" 1940 Evil Morgana le Fay A short story by John Erskine.
"Tristam" 1927 Evil Morgan le Fay A poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson.
"Merlin Met Morgan-le-Fay" 1922 Morgan-le-Fay A poem by Florence Converse.[81]
"Ogier the Dane" 1906 Good Morgue le Faye A short story by E. M. Wilmot-Buxton.
"The Legend of Sir Dinar" 1895 Morgan le Fay A short story by Arthur Quiller-Couch.[82]
"Mordred: A Tragedy" 1895 Morgance A poem by Henry Newbolt.
"Morgan le Fay" and "Accolon of Gaul" 1889 Evil Morgan le Fay Two poems by Madison Cawein.
"Morgain" 1886 Morgain A poem by John Grosvenor Wilson.[83]
"Sir Launcelot" 1881 Evil A poem by William Wilfred Campbell.
"Launcelot and the Four Queens" 1870 Evil Morgane le Fay A poem by Charles G. D. Roberts.
"Merlin's Last Prophecy" 1838 Good Morgain-le-fay A poem by George Darley.[84]

In comics[edit]

Morgaine le Fey, a DC Universe supervillainess introduced in 1972, and Morgan le Fay, a Marvel Universe supervillainess introduced in 1955, are discussed in their separate articles.

Title Year Nature Character Notes
Kids of the Round Table 2015 Evil Morgan le Fay A series by Robert Tinnell and Brendon Fraim.[85][86]
Eye of Newt 2014 Other Morgan Le Fay A series by Michael Hague.
Fables 2013 Good Morgan le Fay, The Green Witch
Son of Merlin 2013 Evil Morgan le Fay, Morgana
Excalibur: The Legend of King Arthur 2011 Evil Morgana le Fay In this version, Morgana was raised and thought in black arts by the evil Unseelie faeries, traded to them by Merlin for Arthur. When Morgana returns, she sends Merlin several years into the future, makes a fake copy of Excalibir, and challenges Arthur to war.
Le Morte d'Arthur 2011 Morgan le Fay
Avatar of the Futurians 2010 Evil Morgana La Fay
Muppet King Arthur 2010 Evil Morgana le Fay A parody story starring Miss Piggy as Morgana who tries to undermine Kermit the Frog's Arthur with the help of Robin the Frog's Mordred. in the end, after Arthur gives up Camilla the Chicken's Guinevere to The Great Gonzo's Lancelot, he proposes to Morgana "and they all lived happily ever after".
Ghostbusters: Displaced Aggression 2009 Evil Morgan le Fay A Ghostbusters comic miniseries in which Morgan has been banished into a pocket dimension by Merlin, but breaks free and returns to the physical plane with a plan to conquer the world and reign for all time. She is tricked and destroyed by the time-displaced Ghostbusters when Peter Venkman flirts with her and set his Proton Pack to overload.
Caliber 2008 Morgan A miniseries by Sam Sarkar where Arthurian characters are reimagined in the Old West.[87]
Hellboy: The Wild Hunt 2008 Other Morgan le Fay
Lancelot 2008 Other Morgane Including in the titular role in the volume Morgane.[88]
Lords of Avalon 2008 Evil Morgen le Fay
Avalon High: Coronation 2007 Evil Morgan Frank, Morgan Le Fay A comic sequel to Meg Cabot's novel Avalon High.[89]
La Quête du Graal 2006 Evil Morgane
Beyond Avalon 2005 Good Morgan
Dracula vs. King Arthur 2005 Evil Morgan le Fay Morgan and her son Mordred are both turned into vampires and become minions of Dracula.
Mickey Mouse Adventures 2005 Morgan le Fay
Gangs of Camelot 2004 Evil Morgan [90]
Femzine 2003 Good Morgan le Fay
Just Imagine...: Shazam 2002 Evil Morgan le Fay
Arthur Pendragon 2001 Morgane [91]
Tomb Raider 2000 Evil Morgan Farrel, Morgan le Fay Morgan Farrel is one of the students of Vanessa Fenway, Lara Croft's old college friends and a fellow archaeologist. later it is revealed her actual identity is of the immortal Morgan le Fay, who has been searching for the time-portal artifact Merlin Stone for centuries. When Lara destroys the stone, Morgan gets trapped in the prehistoric era.
Warrior Nun Areala 2000 Evil Fata Morgana, Morgen le Fay In the spin-off miniseries Warrior Nun Brigantia, Fata Morgana (Morgen le Fay) steals the head of the king Bran the Blessed in 1940 and delivers it to Heinrich Himmler Nazis to enable them conquer Britain. The British government calls on Brigantia, aided by the awakened Arthur's sister (and Morgen half-sister) Anna the White Nin, to recover the head. Anna defeats Morgen with Excalibur's sister blade Ganieda, but Morgen apparently escapes to another realm.
Arthur 1999 Morgwen
Batman: Dark Knight of the Round Table 1999 Evil Morgana le Fay
Le Chant dExcalibur 1998 Evil Morgane [92]
Lady Pendragon 1998 Evil Morganna
Merlin 1998 Evil Morgan Le Fay A comic by Robin Wood.[93]
Vamperotica 1998 Evil Morgan le Fay
Sláine 1996 Good Morgaine La Fee In "The Treasures of Britain".
Knights on Broadway 1993 Good Tammy, Morgan le Fay
King Arthur & the Knights of Justice 1993 Evil Morgana
Arthur au royaume de l'impossible 1991 Evil Morgane [94]
Arthur Sex 1991 Other Morgana
Camelot Eternal 1991 Evil Morgan le Fay
Jughead's Time Police 1991 Evil Morgan le Fay Morgan is a time-travelling rogue Time Police agent from the future who has been mistaken for a witch in medieval times due to her use advanced technology. Jughead's Time Police foil Morgan's world-domination scheme and arrest her.
Corto Maltese: A Mid-Winter Morning's Dream 1987 Good Morgana
The New Wave 1986 Good Morgaine, Morgana, "The Lady"
The Black Dragon 1985 Good Morgan Le Fey
Les Ecluses du Ciel 1983 Good Morgane
Rom 1982 Morgan le Fay
De Jeugdjaren van Koning Arthur 1974 Evil Morgana
La Giovinezza d'Arturo 1957 Evil Morganaa
Robin Hood and His Merry Men 1956 Good Morgane le Fay Queen Morgane, Viviane, the Lady of the Lake, and the Queen of North Galis bear the wounded King Arthur away to Avalon after his battle with Mordred.[95]
Knights of the Galaxy 1952 Morgan le Fay
Forbidden Worlds 1951 Evil Morgan le Fay [96]
Operation: Peril 1950 Evil Morgan le Fay Princess Morgan conspires with Merlin, Mordred and the "Black Teutonic Knights" to kill King Arthur to claim the throne, but is betrayed by the time-traveller Dr. Tom Redfield who went back in time to retrieve Excalibur from the 6th century whom she tried and failed to seduce, and who defeats them and burns her and Merlin with the exhaust of his jet fighter.[97]
Jingle Jangle Comics 1945 Evil Morgan The disguised Queen Morgan steals Excalibur from Arthur, but it is retrieved by Bingo and Glum and a ring from the Lady of the Lake blows up her castle.[98]
Top-Notch Comics 1940 Evil Morgana de Fay, Lady Morgana The witch Lady Morgana is the wife of the Knight of the Griffin, an enemy of Arthur, and use treachery to substitute Galahad's sword with a broken one, but Galahad wins and kills his opponent anyway thanks to Merlin's help.[99] Later, her men accidentally capture Galahad's squire Garlan and she sends a monster after Galahad when he comes for rescue him.[100]
Thrilling Comics 1940 Evil Morgan le Fay The time-travelling Ghost expels Merlin from King Arthur's court. Merlin sewears revenge and talks Queen Merlin into sending her knights to conquer England and dispose of King Arthur. They capture Ghost and Morgan orders him executed, but he escapes and helps Arthur beat back the attack using his 20th-century weapons.[101]
Weird Comics 1940 Evil Morgana le Fay Queen Morgana attempts to rid Camelot of Sir Gareth, who is a rival to her son Mordred for the hand of Lady Elaine. But Gareth is protected by the time-travelling Sorceress of Zoom (an also villainous protagonist), who wants Gareth for herself and so she decides to get rid of Elaine, who is in Morgana's captivity, and defeats Morgana's men and magic. Morgana surrenders to her, but then Merlin's magic sends the Sorceress of Zoom back in time to the future.[102]
Prince Valiant 1937 Evil Morgan le Fay
Sir Batman at King Arthur's Court 1936 Evil Morgan LeFey

In film[edit]

Title Year Nature Character Notes
Dragons of Camelot 2014 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Sandra Darnell.
The Secret of Joy 2014 Good Morgan le Fay Played by Sandra Darnell.
Magic Tree House 2011 Good Morgan le Fay Morgan le Fay is a good sorceress in an anime film adaptation of the book series of the same title.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2010 Evil Morgana le Fay Played by Alice Krige.[103]
Perceval 2007 Morgana Played by Carmen Cuello.
Adventures of Young Van Helsing: The Quest for the Lost Scepter 2004 Evil Morgan LeFay The vampiric Morgan is played by Kimberly Cash.[104]
Young Arthur 2002 Morgana Played by Laura Rees.[105]
The Sorcerer's Apprentice 2002 Evil Morgana Played by Kelly Le Brock.[103]
Avalon 2001 Good Morgan le Fay
Ah! My Goddess: The Movie 2000 Other Morgan le Fay An anime film entry in the manga and TV anime series. Morgan le Fay, voiced by Ayako Kawasumi, is a Faerie princess and the film-only character.
Arthur's Quest 1999 Evil Morgana The treacherous and power-hungry Morgana (played by Catherine Oxenberg[103]) is the dark-magic wielding "greatest warrior in the land" King Pendragon's former consort,[106] who travels into future to the modern-day America in pursuit of the Excalibur and the teenage Arthur, posing as his teacher.[107] In the end, Arthur, aided by Merlin, defeats and destroys her in a magical sword duel.
A Knight in Camelot 1998 Good Vivien Morgan Played by Whoopie Goldberg.
Merlin 1998 Morgana Played by Lara Daans.
Prince Valiant 1997 Evil Morgan le Fey Played by Joanna Lumley.[103]
Guinevere 1994 Morgan l'Fei Played by Brid Brennan.
Gawain 1991 Morgan le Fey Played by Marie Angel.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1989 Evil Morgana Played by Jean Marsh.[103]
Avalon 1989 Morgana Played by Debbie Stevens.
Novye Priklyucheniya Yanki pri Dvore Korolya Artura 1988 Morgan le Fay Played by Anastasiya Vertinskaya.
Arthur the King 1985 Morgan le Fay Morgan, played by Candice Bergen,[103] is the "most vile and demented creature on earth" who plots to kill Arthur so her beloved son Mordred can take the throne.[106]
Sword of the Valiant 1984 Morgan La Fay Played by Emma Sutton.[103]
Excalibur 1981 Evil Morgana Played by Helen Mirren.[103]
Dr. Strange 1978 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Jessica Walter.[103]
Merlin's Magic Cave 1977 Good Morgana An animated feature wherein Morgana and Merlin narrate several folk and fairy tales by reading from Merlin's book.[108]
Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay 1971 Evil Morgane (Morgana) A French erotic horror film originally titled Morgane et ses nymphes. Played by Dominique Delpierre.
Lancelot and Guinevere 1963 Also known as Sword of Lancelot.
Knights of the Round Table 1953 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Anne Crawford.[103] Morgan believes she deserves the throne of Britain as Uther's only legitimate child, but Merlin has Arthur being proclaimed king. Mordred and her lover Morgan and fight against Arthur and his allies, and Morgan poisons Merlin and Mordered kills Arthur before he is defeated by Lancelot and dies in Morgan's arms.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1949 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Virginia Field.[103]
Adventures of Sir Galahad 1949 Good Morgan le Fay Morgan le Fay (played by Pat Barton), Arthur's half sister and a magician, helps him fight against the evil Merlin's magic and the Saxon invaders.[109][103]
A Connecticut Yankee 1931 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Myrna Loy.[103]
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court 1921 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Rosemary Theby.

In television[edit]

Title Year Nature Character Notes
The Librarians 2015 Other Morgan le Fay In the episode "And The Rule of Three", Morgan appears as Lucinda McCabe (Alicia Witt), the head of an educational software company sponsoring a prominent science fair. In truth, she is using the fair as an opportunity to absorb the energy generated by the use of a magical app, resulting in a feedback loop that is only broken at the last second by the Librarians. She also infiltrates the Library itself, revealing her true identity. At the end, she vanishes abruptly, but not before warning the Librarians that a terrible catastrophe will soon befall the Library.
Tales of Albion 2014 Morgan le Fay Played by Julie Carter.[110]
Ultimate Spider-Man 2014 Evil Morgan le Fay Voiced by Grey DeLisle.
Merlin 2012 Evil Morgane Played by Marilou Berry.[103]
Camelot 2011 Evil Morgan Pendragon Morgan (played by Eva Green[103]) functions as the main antagonist of the series. She is a beautiful and ruthlessly ambitious daughter of Uther Pendragon, who dabbles in witchcraft and sees herself as the rightful heir to her father's throne. In her pursuit of power and revenge against those who harmed her in her youth in order to bring Arthur to the throne, which he legitimized, Morgan gives herself over to dark forces that allow her to threaten the court of Camelot from within.
Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van het Magische Zwaard 2011 Evil Morgana le Fey Played by Peggy Vrijens.
The Super Hero Squad Show 2010 Evil Morgan le Fay
Batman: The Brave and the Bold 2009 Evil Morgaine le Fey Voiced by Tatyana Yassukovich in the episode "Day of the Dark Knight".
Live from Lincoln Center 2008 Morgana Episode "Camelot", played by Fran Drescher.
Merlin 2008 Evil Lady Morgana, Morgana Pendragon Played by Katie McGrath.[103]

Initially a friend, ally and potential love interest of both Merlin and Arthur; both being kept in ignorance of her magical heritage by Merlin and Court Physician Gaius, and feeling sympathy as well as both fear (due to the realisation that she herself has some form of magic) and increasing anger over Uther's unexplained hatred for Druids and magic-users leads to both emotional and real conflict with several characters, as well as within Morgana herself - she is also manipulated (sometimes unaware) by several figures from the very beginning, including the 'good' characters, Merlin and Gaius- culminating in her alliance with her half-sister Morgause. This results in a deep and lasting hatred for her former friends and home. (For more information, see the list of Merlin characters.)

Kaamelott 2008 Morgan le Fay Played by Léa Drucker.[103]
Justice League Unlimited 2004 Evil Morgaine le Fey Voiced by Olivia d'Abo in the episode "Kid Stuff".
Guinevere Jones 2002 Evil Morgana La Fay Played by Mercia Deane-Johns.
Justice League 2004 Evil Morgaine le Fey Voiced by Olivia d'Abo in the episode "A Knight of Shadows".
Merlin: The Return 2002 Evil Morgana Played by Grethe Fox.[103]
The Mists of Avalon 2001 Good Morgaine, Morgan le Fay Played by Tamsin Egerton and Julianna Margulies.[103]
A Twist in the Tale 1999 Good Morgana Played by Claudia Black in the episode "Obsession in August".[103]
Merlin 1998 Evil Morgan le Fey Played by Helena Bonham Carter,[103] she is the half sister of Arthur and mother of Mordred. Initially depicted as the disfigured daughter of Igraine and Lord Cornwall, Morgan allies with Queen Mab and her servant Frik, in exchange for beauty and ultimately the throne. She sleeps with Arthur, fully knowing he is her half brother, so that her son can one day be king. However, she is eventually betrayed and killed by Mab, who throws her down the stairs of her castle. As she lays dying, the spell granting her beauty fades. She asks Frik, whom she has fallen in love with, if she is still beautiful, and Frik reassures her that she is beautiful beyond words. This portrayal is closer based on Morgause than Morgan,
Stargate SG-1 1997 Good Morgan le Fay In this science fiction series, Morgan (played by Sarah Strange[103]) is depicted as one of the Ascended Ancients, aiding the main characters in their quest for the Holy Grail. The show's version of Merlin "is of particular interest because of her largely benevolent characterization in this series one that differs markedly from more common characterizations. Unlike the other, famous intergalactic take on the Arthurian legend seen in Camelot 3000, the Morgan in Stargate is not a villain so much as a figure reminiscent of the Celtic 'fae' formidable creatures with greater powers than humans and different codes of conduct and behavior."[111]
Darkstalkers 1995 Evil Morgana In this American loos adaptation of a Japanese video game series Darkstalkers, the evil sorceress Morgana is an ancestor of the antagonist succubus Morrigan Aensland.[108] Her spirit appears, and is apparently destroyed by the spirit of Merlin, in the episode "Donovan's Bane".
Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders 1995 Evil Morgana Voiced by Deborah Allison. A thousand ago, Morgana was the leader of the evil ancient wizards, as well as the original creator and wielder of the Dark Stone. Having been defeated and banished into wild magic by Merlin, Morgana returns with a vengeance after the Dark Stone restores her physical form in her lair in the second season, allying herself with the first season's Lady Kale to destroy Merlin and take over the magic of Avalon. The Jewel Riders must ensure this will not happen and help Merlin vanquish Morgana's dark powers again. (For more information, see the list of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders characters.)
Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum 1994 Good Morgana Played by Rosi Campos.
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice 1992 Evil Morgana In this cartoon series, Queen Morgana] (voiced by Kathleen Barr) is the evil sorceress who serves as the primary antagonist of the series. She was responsible for sealing Arthur and his knights into the Cave of Glass. She despises Merlin and has great magical prowess. Among other things, Morgana constructed her "Warlord" warriors out of stone and can reassemble them using her magic. Her second-in-command is Lord Viper, who leads the Warlords and seems to be the only human in Morgana's army.
Wail of the Banshee 1992 Evil Fay Morgan Played by Susie Blake.
The Legend of Prince Valiant 1991 Evil Morgana A cartoon series adaptation of Prince Valiant comics where the villainous Lady Morgana (voiced by Patty Duke & Diana Muldaur) is Arthur's half-sister and Mordred's lover with a great knowledge of alchemy and herbalism.[108]
MacGyver 1991 Evil Morgana In the two-part episode "Good Knight MacGyver", a concussion sends MacGyver to King Arthur's Court, where his strange ways help Merlin to free Galahad's lady Cecilia and bring the evil wizardry of Queen Morgana of Caledonia (played by Robin Strasser) to an end.
Battlefield (Doctor Who) 1989 Evil Morgaine Played by Jean Marsh.
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater 1987 Evil Morgan le Fur 'Morgan le Fur', played by the character Catnip, is the antagonist of the stage theater play in the cartoon's episode "Paws of the Round Table", where she tries to steal Excalibur before she is fought off by Arthur (played by Hello Kitty).[108]
The Centurions 1986 Evil Morgana A descendant of Morgana named Melinda is the villain of the episode "Merlin", in which she attempts to recover Arthurian relics, and ultimately Excalibur (who she claims had been owned by Morgana before Arthur stole it), in an attempt to rule the world. The Centurions, aided by Merlin himself, thwart them and the villain Doc Evil.[108]
Fables and Legends: English Folk Heroes 1986 Evil Morgan le Fay In this cartoon series, she is the villain of the episode "The Round Table" in which she had rejected "the true church" out of envy of King Arthur and became a powerful sorceress "through terrible pagan ceremonies" of "the ancient and dark eays of the false druids". She is the mother of Mordred and puts a spell on Lancelot to forget his wife Elaine.[108]
The Twilight Zone 1986 Good Morgan le Fay Episode "The Last Defender of Camelot", played by Jenny Agutter.[103]
The Smurfs 1981 Evil Morgan le Fay Morgan witch who is the villain of the episode "Smurfs of the Round Table", where the Smurfs and shrunk Lancelot need to recover Excalibur from her and save Camelot from a total destruction.[108] Papa Smurf manages to vanquish Morgan by turning her into a rat which is then chased off by a cat.
The Legend of King Arthur 1979 Morgan le Fay Played by Maureen O'Brien.
The Freedom Force 1978 Evil Morgana The wicked sorceress Morgana appears in the episode "Morgana's Revenge" (also known as "Pegasus' Odysse") in which she is Hercules' scorned former lover who captures his Pegasus and enslaves Hercules himself. The rest of the Freedom Force, which includes Merlin, rescue them from her castle.
Wonder Woman 1978 Played by Brenda Benet.[103]
The Ghost Busters 1975 Evil Morgan le Fay In the episode "Merlin the Magician", Merlin and jester Gronk are pursued from the Great Beyond by their nemesis Morgan, played by Ina Balin,[103] who intends to trap them in this era. The Ghost Busters befriend and assist the broken-down magician in his battle with the beautiful sorceress.
Arthur! and the Square Knights of the Round Table 1966 Morgana Voiced by Lola Brooks.[103]
The Adventures of Sir Lancelot 1957 Evil Morgan le Fay Played by Laura Rees in the episode "Knight's Choice".[103] Previously banished from Camelot for trying to murder her brother Arthur, Morgan hopes to return if she can get her son Rupert become a knight of the Round Table, but the plan is thwarted by Merlin.

In video games[edit]

Title Year Nature Character Notes
Bubble Witch 2 Saga 2014 Morgana Pendragon
Sword of King: Excalibur 2014 Good Morgana
Soul Sacrifice 2013 Other Morgan le Fay (Illecebra), Nimue (Sortiara) [112]
Fantasica 2012 Other Morgan le Fay
King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame 2012 Other Morgana le Fay A strategy/RPG hyrbid in which Morgan is a half-Sidhe sorceress and one of the leading characters of the game. She goes with her army in a search for her mentor, Merlin, who was kidnapped by Nimue. But it turns outs Morgana worked not to help him Britannia but to increase her power.[113][114]
Legend of the Cryptids 2012 Evil Morgan le Fay An MMORPG card game in which Morgan was added in the "Knights of Camelot" limited card pack that was available only in 2013.
Wild Blood 2012 Evil Morgana le Fey
Cabals: The Card Game 2011 Morgana Le Fay In this card-based video game, Morgana Le Fay is one of the Hero cards used to build a deck in the game.[115] The magical leader of the green colored Danann Covenant also appears predominantly in the game's promotion and is used as the application icon.[116]
Faery: Legends of Avalon 2011 Morgiana
Runes of Avalon 2007 Evil Morganna le Fay A puzzle game in which the ambitious great sorceress Morganna has turned to evil and was vanquished by Melin but managed to escape. Years later, Morganna return to get her revenge and take over Avalon. Now Merlin's apprentice Evelyne must defeat Morgana and save both Merlin and Avalon.[117][118] In the follow-up game, Runes of Avalon 2 (2008), Morganna was defeated by Evelyne in a fierce magical battle and is apparently gone forever[119] but her curses are still in force and so Evelyne now must destroy Morganna's legacy of dark magic and heal Avalon.[120]
Stronghold Legends 2006 Evil Morgan le Fay
Knight's Apprentice: Memorick's Adventures 2004 Other Morganna An action-adventure game in which Morganna is a powerful sorceress and a half-sister to King, who has lives in seclusion in a floating part of Avalon since the Great War when she and Merlin defeated Mab.[121] During the course of the game, it is discovered that Morganna orchestrated the monster invasion to keep the Knights of the Round Table busy as she sent her son Mordred in Camelot to steal Excalibur.[122][123] Eventually, it turns out that Morganna and Mordred have been only bewitched and corrupted by Mab in order to let her escape her magic crystal prison. After Mab is defeated, her influence is broken and they are reverted to their normal selves, remembering nothing.[120]
Arthur's Quest: Battle for the Kingdom 2002 Evil Morgana A first-person slashed in which the evil sorceress Morgana is the antagonist of the game and Arthur uses the Excalibur to slay her in the final fight.[124]
Legion: Legend of Excalibur 2002 Evil Morgan le Fay In this RTS / action-RPG hybrid, Morgan is a power-hungry evil sorceress who has killed her father Uther Pendragon. The player is cast in the role of young Arthur on a quest to unite the Kingdom of Camelot and destroy Morgan.[125][126][127]
Dark Age of Camelot 2001 Evil Morgana
Arthur's Knights II: The Secret of Merlin 2001 Other Morgan Morgan is a fairy Mother Goddess, a temptress who despises the hero Bradwen because of his rejection of her in favour of Morgan's sister Rhiannon. She tried to arrange for her champion, the Pied Knight, to kill Bradwen, but the situation is resolved without a fight, and Bradwen later also rescues St. Joseph who has been put under a sleeping spell by Morgan when he tried to convert her.[128][129][130]
Arthur's Knights: Tales of Chivalry 2000 Other Morgan Morgan is a great goddess whom Bradwen must outwit to get the fairies of her domain Avalon to help him against the evil sorcerer Morganor's ally known as the Witch of Winter. Later Bradwen refuses Morgan's advances and frees Gawain from her power, and they escape from Avalon.[131][132]
Dark Camelot (cancelled) - Other Morgan le Fay An early version (circa 1996) of the game that would eventually become the stealth game Thief: The Dark Project featured Mordred as a misunderstood hero and Morgan as the protagonist Mordred's "sort of good" advisor.[133]
Chronicles of the Sword 1996 Evil Morgana
Marathon Infinity (modded) 1996 Evil Morgana A first-person shooter with the mod titled Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge about a space marine's mission is to stop the time-travelling Morgana in three time periods.[134]
Time Paradox 1996 Evil Morgana An adventure game where a woman named Kay is sent back in time to put a threat from witch Morgana and rescue Merlin.[135] The game ends with Key finding and eliminating Morgana.[136][137]
King Arthur & the Knights of Justice 1995 Evil Morgana
Eric the Unready 1993 Evil Morgana
Lance 1991 Evil Morgana A knight needs to recover the stolen Holy Grail from the evil witch Morgana and save Britannia.[138]
Spirit of Excalibur 1990 Evil Morgan le Fay Also referenced in the sequel, Vengeance of Excalibur.
Swords of Twilight 1989 Good Morgana In this tactical role-playing game, Morgana is the good Queen of Avalon and a sister of both Queen Gloriana of Albion and Prytania the Witch Queen of Annwyn.[139]
King Arthur's Quest 1984 Evil Morgana le Fey In this adventure game, the wicked Morgana, angry that Arthur has refused to accept her son Modred as one of the Knights of the Round Table has cast a spell that plunged the entire land into neverending winter. The player is cast in the role of Arthur who sets out to remove the curse.[140] At the end of the game, Arthur finds and rescues the enchanted Merlin, who defeats Morgana.

In other games[edit]

Title Year Nature Name Notes
Hocus 2016 Morgan le Fay A card game.[141]
Albion's Legacy 2015 Evil Morgana le Fey A board game where Morgana is a playable character addd in the Avalon expansion.[142]
Cabals: The Board Game 2015 Morgana Le Fay A board game.
Fairytale Games: The Battle Royale 2014 Other Morgan Le Fay A card game.[143][144]
Duel of Ages II 2013 Evil Morgan le Fay A card game.[145][146]
The Resistance: Avalon 2012 Evil Morgana A card / deduction game in which Morgana's player must be pretending to be Merlin.[147][148]
Shadows over Camelot: The Card Game 2012 Evil Morgan A card game.[149]
Shadows over Camelot 2008 Evil Morgan A board game.[150] The extension Merlin's Company adds the coven of Morgan's seven witches.[151]
Arthurian Ghost Knights 2007 Morgan Le Fay [152]
Arthur's Legacy: The Rebirth of Legends and Return of King Arthur 2006 Good Morgana A diceless role-playing setting.
Camelot Legends 2004 Morgan le Fay Morgan is one of the playable lords of Camelot.[153]
Weird 'n Wild Creatures 2003 Other Morgan le Fay A card game.
Quest for the Grail 1995 Morgana le Fay A card game.
Pendragon 1991 Evil Morgan le Fay A role-playing game where the Witch Queen Morgan is a default adversary and the gamemaster is supposed to "always blame evil events on her, if she is not responsible. Any suspected ill-doing is her fault."
Prince Valiant: The Story-Telling Game 1989 Evil Morgan le Fay
Golden Heroes 1985 Evil Morgan le Fay The scenario Queen Victoria and the Holy Grail.
Wizards, Warriors & You 1984 Evil Morgan le Fay The gamebook Ghost Knights of Camelot written by David Anthony Kraft.[154]
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1983 Evil Morgan LeFay Scenario "The Pillar of Clinschor" in the Wizards book in the Role Aids series.
Knights of Camelot 1980 Evil Morgan Le Fay A board game with role-playing elements, in which Morgan if not avoided can seduce the players to enter her service.[155]
Merlin 1980 Evil Morgane le Fay A board game by Greg Stafford in which the players play as either Merlin or Morgane.[156]

In stage productions[edit]

Title Year Nature Name Notes
Morgan le Fay 2011 Good Morgan le Fay In this opera by Mary Knickle, Morgan represents female power on an isle threatened by fearful male religious fanatics exploiting Mordred's unconcern with women's welfare. She is also hostile to Uther as the murderer of Gorlois, and to her own mother. She has an uneven relationship with her sister Elaine, who (coerced by the clerics) convinces her to return to Britain. Merlin appears as her lover, but she refuses him to save Avalon by withdrawing it from the world. Much of the libretto is drawn from Celtic druidic chants, the Old Testament and modern spiritual eco-feminism conceptions of power drawn from contemplation, calm and enjoying nature.
Excalibur 1998 Evil Morgana A rock opera.
EFX 1995 Evil Morgana A stage show.
Gawain 1991 Evil Morgan le Fay An opera.
Merlin's Tale of Arthur's Magic Sword 1982 Morgan le Fay A children's play by Keith Engar.
Young King Arthur 1980 Evil Morgan A children's play by Clive Endersby in which Morgan is Mordred's sister and aids him with her magic in hopes for him to become the king.
Camelot 1960 Other Morgan le Fay A musical.
The Round Table 1930 Good Morgana A play by Georgene Webber Davis.
A Connecticut Yankee 1927 Evil Morgan le Fay, Fay Morgan A musical.
The Queens of Avalon 1911 Good Morgan le Fay
Merlin and Vivian: A Lyric Drama 1907 Evil Morgan le Fay A music drama.[157]
Excalibur: An Arthurian Drama 1893 Evil Morgan le Fay A play by Ralph Adams Cram.
Launcelot of the Lake 1842 Morgan le Fay A play by Christopher James Riethmüller.[158]
Orlando Furioso 1727 Evil Morgana An opera.[111]

In music[edit]

Title Author Work Year
"Morgan Le Fay"[159] Derek Fiechter Dark Journey 2014
"Morgan Le Fay"[160] Avalon Rebirth of Camelot 2013
"Morgan Le Fay"[161] Thierry Fervant Legends of Avalon 2013
"Morgan Le Fay"[162] Paul Roland Roaring Boys & Sarabande 2012
"Morgan Le Fay"[163] Evil Beach Seasick - Tales from the Deep 2012
"Lurid Bride: I. Morgan le fay"[164] Turning Point Ensemble Strange Sphere 2012
"Morgan Le Fay"[165] Lovespoon Lovespoon 2011
"Morgan le Fay"[166] Brigands' Folie Twain 2010
"Morgaine"[167] Brian Buller The Riverbank Faerie 2010
"Morgaine's Spell"[168] Atham'e Echoes of Avalon 2009
"Morgaine"[169] Gypsy There's Still Hope 2008
"Morgan Le Fay"[170] Sunspot Neanderthal 2007
"Morgaine's Song"[171] Lucid Madness Gypsy Soul 2007
"Morgan Le Fay"[172] Wyllow Ravenscroft Tales of Camelot 2007
"Morgan La Fay"[173] Ricky Dean Fisher Acoustic Songbook Chapter 1: Bittersweet 2007
"Morgane Le Fay" Grave Digger Excalibur 1999
"Beech and Willow", "Four Queens", "The Lady", "Sword and Scabbard" Anne Lister Root, Seed, Thorn and Flower 1997
"Gawain, An Aside from Morgan le Fay I"[174] and "II"[175] Harrison Birtwistle Harrison Birtwistle: Gawain 1990
"Pani Morgan Le Fay" Grażyna Bacewicz Przygoda Króla Artura 1960

Inspired characters[edit]

Title Year Nature Notes
Death at King Arthur's Court 2016 Warren Morgan in this posthumous novel by Richard S. Forrest.
The Arthur Paladin Chronicles 2014 Good Morgan in the novels by David Alastair Hayden and Pepper Thorn, The Shadowed Manse and The Warlock's Gambit.
The Far Kingdoms: Elements 2014 Evil The Far Kingdoms (2013): In this sequel to The Far Kingdoms, Morgana have survived her battle with Princess Arianna and returned to cast a powerful spell that turned all of Arianna's subjects into stone. Now Arianna needs to again defeat Morgana and remove the curse from her kingdom.[176]
Dragon's Crown 2013 Good Witch Morgan Rizilia is the owner and shopkeeper of Morgan's Magic item shop.
The After Cilmeri 2011 Good In this series of novels by Sarah Woodbury, Anna and David are confused for Morgana and Arthur in Prince of Time and Crossroads in Time.
The Far Kingdoms 2013 Evil A hidden object puzzle game in which the dark witch Morgana and her minions took over the kingdom of Princess Arianna and bewitched everyone into believing she is the queen. Now Arianna needs to defeat Morgana's sorcery and save the kingdom from evil.[177][178]
Morgan Le Fay 2012 A novel by G. F. McCauley.[179]
Morgana, the Queen 2012 A novel in an erotic fantasy series The Histories of the Divine Astarte by Jerome Brooke.
Knights of the Lunch Table 2011 Evil Morgan is an old sister and bully of Artie Knight, a student of Camelot High School.
Schreie der Vergessenen 2011 Good A film featuring a modern Germany magician known as Morgan le Fay (played by Barbara Meier).
Tales of Monkey Island 2009 Other Morgan LeFlay, a bounty hunter.
League of Legends 2009 Evil The demonic fallen angel Morgana is one of the many Champions (player characters) in this video game.
Wizard101 2008 Evil The dark sorceress named Queen Morganthe,[180] is the second main villain of this MMORPG, where she tries to learn the secrets of the magic of the lost world of Celestia at all costs.[181]
Power Rangers S.P.D. 2005 Evil Morgana, also known as Mora in her child form, is a servant of the series' villain Emperor Gruumm.
Tears to Tiara 2005 Good In this video game, manga and anime franchise, Morgan is a Gaelic female warrior, a wife of the protagonist great demon king Arawn, and a friend of Arthur (here also a Gael warrior).
Morgaine the Sorceress 2004 The protagonist Morgaine Fabiano in the series of novels by Joe Vadalma.
Winx Club 2004 Good Morgana is the former queen of Tir Nan Og (inspired by Tír na nÓg) and the Earth Fairies and mother of Princess Roxy of Earth, of the show's protagonists. She first appears in the episode "Love & Pet".
.Hack//Sign 2002 Evil Morganna is an evil entity originally tasked with giving birth to Aura that traps Tsukasa inside The World and alters his memories to make him more miserable in the hopes that it will corrupt Aura.
Divine Divinity 2002 Good Archmage Morgana is a friendly non-player character in this role-playing video game.
The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea 2002 Evil
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Justice for All 2002 Evil Morgan Fey is a spirit medium of the Fey clan branch family who wishes to usurp the title of heir to the Master of the clan from her niece, Maya Fey. She first tries to frame Maya for murder and later attempts to have her killed.
Heart of the Dove 1999 A novel by Tracy Fobes featuring a witch named Faye Morgan, considered a descendant of Morgana Fay.
Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus 1996 Good
Master of Magic 1994 Other Morgana the Witch is one of the recruitable Hero units in the game.
Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen 1993 Evil Morgana and Xenoc are leaders of a group of evil wizards and sorceress serving of the antagonist Alamar and based in the city of Sandcaster. The good sorceress Astra gives the player a quest to kill them and wipe out their followers.[182]
Darkwing Duck 1991 Good Morgana Macawber is a reformed evil sorceress who has become Darkwing Duck's love interest and a member of the Justice Ducks.n She has first appeared in the episode "Fungus Amongus" (chronologically, in "Ghoul of My Dreams" that was aired out of order).
Small World: An Academic Romance 1984 Good
Knightriders 1981 Other A male character played by Tom Savini.
The Morgaine Stories 1978 Good A series of science fantasy novels by C. J. Cherryh.
The Worst Witch 1974 Good Morgana is a cat of the witch teacher Miss Hardbroom.
The Marrow of the World 1972 Evil

See also[edit]


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