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Morgan Lewis, known as Morganics, is a Sydney based Hip Hop performer.

Morganics started performing in Sydney in 1984 and was a member of Metabass'n'Breath[1] who toured in Australia and America.

Morganics works around Australia on community educational hip-hop projects such as 1999s Desert Rap with Brothablack and Monkey Mark from South West Syndicate,[2] organised with Tony Collins from Triple J. ABC TV made a documentary on Desert Rap. Another hip-hop program Morganics participated in was in Wilcania in 2002 where he recorded a group of local boys called The Wilcannia Mob. The resulting track, "Down The River" got high rotation on Triple J[3] and won a Deadly award. The song was included on a cd of young Aboriginal Hip Hop artists recorded at workshops around Australia called All You Mob,[4] which New York Times named in their top ten alternative albums of the year.[5] He conducts these workshop as he feels it is important to give young people direct access to Australian hip hop.[6]

Morganics has released three solo albums (one of which contained second disc which was a followup to All You Mob) and worked with Miles Merrill on another. He has performed a live set for Triple J.[7] He performs theatre shows such as Crouching Bboy Hidden Dreadlocks.[8]


  • Morganics - Invisible Forces... (2002) Independent/Creative Vibes[9]
  • Morganics - Evolve/All You Mob 2 (2003) Independent/Creative Vibes[10]
  • Morganics - Hip Hop is my Passport (2007) Independent/Creative Vibes
  • Miles Merrill with Morganics - Dirty Curly (2008) Invisible Forces
  • Shopfront Theatre for Young People & Morganics present - All You Mob! (2002) ABC


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