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This article is about the German musical project. For other uses, see Morgenstern (disambiguation).
Morgenstern on stage at the IWTBF Festival, Berlin, Dez 2003

Morgenstern is the name of a musical project combining noise, industrial, and ambient music. It is a continuing act of Germany's Ant-Zen record label.


Morgenstern was founded in 1993 by Andrea Börner. The word "Morgenstern" means "Morning star." Börner was a founding member of the industrial - punk crossover band Ars Moriendi. She now devotes most of her time to Morgenstern, but also participates in the projects Templegarden's, KYAM, and Monokrom.


  • (untitled) (Split w/ Mandelbrot), 1994
  • (untitled) (Split w/ Asche), 1996
  • That Loop in My Eye (Split w/ Asche), 1997
  • (s/t), CD, 1998
  • Zyklen, CD, 1999
  • Cold, CD, 2001
  • Erode (with Converter and Asche), CD, 2001
  • Live at IWTBF Berlin 03 (Split w/ Monokrom), CD-R, 2004
  • Hypnoider Zustand, CD-R, 2005
  • Yesterdays, CD-R, 2005
  • Two Different Faces, CD, 2005


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