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morgueFile is a website database for free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.

The name comes from the term "morgue file", which refers to post-production materials for use of reference, an inactive job file. The term is popular in the newspaper business to describe the file that holds past issues flats. The term has also been used by illustrators, comic book artist, designers and teachers.

The site, first conceived by Michael Connors in 1996, bills itself as a resource for creatives by creatives: "The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits. This is the world wide web's morguefile." Members can upload images as Free Photos, with the MorgueFile Free License, as part of their image portfolio (retaining rights), or as part of their storage space, to share with a limited audience.

The MorgueFile Free License allows adaptation and commercial use, without attribution. The conditions of the license prohibit using the work on a stand-alone basis (the original, without alteration) and claiming authorship of the original:

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