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Morgue is a fictional ID Comics character created by Amit Chauhan.


The story follows the tale of Karl Morgusson, an outsider amongst his peers and his foster family. Whilst Karl is being bullied, a dark power awakes in him and he possesses the ability to raise the dead.

Morgue ties in directly with ID Comics other titles: Experiment 692 and Project Chrysalis. They all combine to form the story arc titled 'The Tiber Saga'.

Artistic technique[edit]

Morgue utilizes a photo-realistic technique which is evident in other titles from ID Comics. Digital photo manipulation software is used to create the stark black-and-white imagery, which bears resemblance to an Italian artistic method known as Fumetti.

Release notes[edit]

Morgue is one of three ID Comics titles showcased at the 2010 New York Comic Con. Attendees at the convention had an opportunity to purchase the title before its scheduled January 2010 release.

Morgue will be available on a bi-monthly basis after its slated release date.

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