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Mori is a Japanese and Italian surname, and also a Persian pet name for Morteza. It is also the name of two clans in Japan, and one clan in India.

Italian surname[edit]

Japanese surname[edit]

There are two names, Mori 森, [moɾi] and Mōri 毛利, [moːɾi].

Aramaic title of honor[edit]

  • Mori, a word used extensively by Yemenite Jews designating a "rabbi," taken from the Judeo-Aramaic word, מר (mor), meaning "master" or "lord".[1] Mori, literally meaning, "my master," or "my lord."

Other people named Mori[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

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  1. ^ Shelomo Dov Goitein, The Yemenites - History, Communal Organization, Spiritual Life, Jerusalem 1983, pp. 212;256; 278 (ISBN 965-235-011-7). Goitein, citing Amram Qorah, says that the title was strictly reserved unto those who had procured a license in the ritual slaughter of domesticated animals.