Mori no Asagao

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Mori no Asagao
Written by Mamora Gōda
Published by Futabasha
Magazine Weekly Manga Action
Original run 20042007
Television drama
Directed by Akimitsu Sasaki
Produced by Shinji Okabe
Junpei Nakagawa
Noboru Morita
Atsushi Kurosawa
Written by Daisuke Habara, Shizuka Oki
Music by Toshiyuki Watanabe
Network TV Tokyo
Original run October 18, 2010December 20, 2010
Episodes 10
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Mori no Asagao (モリのアサガオ?) is a Japanese manga series by Mamora Gōda. It won the 11th Grand Prize for manga at the Japan Media Arts Festival in 2007.[1] It was adapted into a live-action television drama in 2010.[2]


New prison guard Naoki Oikawa gets assigned to the death row section. He strikes a friendship with Watase Mitsuru, who, rather conveniently (contrast with Freeze Me), far from being a sadist, a sociopatic killer or rapist, dangerous to society or even particularly cruel, is actually quite a simpathetic character, someone that, unable to get justice from the system, killed the man that murdered his parents. The fact that he did not target defenceless and innocent victims for no good reason, but rather had a motive that could be understood, allows the guard to put himself in his shoes and understand his reasons and point of view, and provides a contrast between the unfairness of his circumstances, his undeserved fate, and the fact that system had failed to vindicate his parents, leaving him with no other alternative besides being cast in the role of the powerless victim. Gradually Naoki begins to wonder about the necessity of the death penalty and the meanings of such concepts as repentance and forgiveness.

Television series[edit]



Episode information[edit]

Episode Title Writer Director Original airdate Ratings
1 New prison officers to move hearts and condemned "bonds" story
Daisuke Habara Akimitsu Sasaki Oct 18, 2010
22.00 - 23.09
2 Instruction execution
Daisuke Habara Akimitsu Sasaki Oct 25, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
3 Give flowers to the condemned
Shizuka Oki Makito Murakami Nov 1, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
4 Wedding Bride prison
Daisuke Habara Makito Murakami Nov 8, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
5 Capital punishment against the families?
Shizuka Oki Tomoyuki Furumaya Nov 15, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
6 Gray man 33 years of false accusation
Daisuke Habara Munenobu Yamauchi Nov 22, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
7 Father's death row prison guard rookie!!
Daisuke Habara Munenobu Yamauchi Nov 29, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
8 Visits last miracle
Shizuka Oki Tomoyuki Furumaya Dec 6, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
9 To the final chapter! Siblings Cry of the Soul Secrets
(最終章へ! 魂の叫び兄妹の秘密)
Tago Akihiro
Shizuka Oki
Akimitsu Sasaki Dec 13, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
10 Only to one person familiar with the last ...
Shizuka Oki Akimitsu Sasaki Dec 20, 2010
22.00 - 22.54
Viewership ratings: 3.6%


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