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Moriarty is an Irish surname





Fictional characters
  • Count Jim Moriarty, character in The Goon Show
  • Dean Moriarty, character in the novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac
  • Jack Moriarty, a character on the Holmes-inspired television series House
  • Moriarty, Tank radio operator and engineer in the 1970 film Kelly's Heroes
Sherlock Homes adaptations
  • Professor Moriarty, a villain in the Sherlock Holmes series of mysteries
  • Jim Moriarty, one of the main antagonists in the British TV series Sherlock
  • Moriarty, aka Irene Adler in Elementary, the CBS adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories


Game characters
  • Colin Moriarty, crime boss and owner of Moriarty's Saloon in the video game Fallout 3
  • Mark Moriarty, troublemaking character from the 1993 DOS game Eagle Eye Mysteries