Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld

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Moritz-Maria von Igelfeld is the main character in a series of short, humorous novels by Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith.

In the books, Von Igelfeld is:

Sabre duel of German students, around 1900, painting by Georg Mühlberg (1863-1925)
  • said to be quite tall;
  • born on May Day, 1 May;
  • initially a student in Heidelberg, Germany;
  • second for a duel by his friend Prinzel, which he had arranged, mistakenly, in a drunken discussion;
  • a doctoral student of Professor Dr Dr Dr Dieter Vogelsang, in Munich, Germany, studying Celtic philology and in particular Early Irish, and completed a field trip to Cork to gather data on its profanity;
  • a doctoral student (second assistant) of Professor Walter Schöffler-Henschell at the University of Wiesbaden.

Book series[edit]

The books in the series are:

The books' illustrations are by Iain McIntosh.

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