Moritz Callmann Wahl

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Moritz Callmann Wahl (March 28, 1829 – October 15, 1887) was a German writer.


He was born in Sondershausen, Germany on March 28, 1829. He studied Oriental languages at Leipzig under Julius Fürst and Heinrich Leberecht Fleischer. Later he taught for a time at an English school, and later was a correspondent in a business house at Lyon, France. He settled at Erfurt, Germany, where he founded a business academy. Aside from his teaching activity he pursued scientific studies. He died on October 15, 1887.


  • Beiträge zur Vergleichenden Parömiologie
  • Das Sprichwort in der Hebräisch-Aramäischen Literatur
  • The Book of Merry Riddles
  • Das Sprichwort der Neueren Sprachen
  • Die Englische Parömiologie vor Shakespeare
  • Das Parömiologische Sprachgut bei Shakespeare