Moriya Station

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Moriya Station
Moriya Station Central East Exit.jpg
Moriya Station Central East Exit in January 2013
Location Chuo, Moriya, Ibaraki
Operated by

Moriya Station (守谷駅, Moriya-eki) is a railway station in Moriya, Ibaraki, Japan, operated by the private railway operators Kantō Railway and Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company.


Moriya Station is served by the Tsukuba Express (Station No. 15) and is located 37.7 km from the official terminus of the line at Akihabara Station. It is also served by the Jōsō Line, and is located 9.6 km from the official starting point of that line at Toride Station.

Station layout[edit]

Kantō Railway layout[edit]

Moriya Station
Kantō Railway
Kanto Railway Moriya Station Platform.jpg
Moriya Station platforms, 2009
Location 2-18-3 Chuo, Moriya, Ibaraki
Operated by Kantō Railway
Line(s) Jōsō Line
  • Bus stop
Opened 1913
Passengers (FY2013) 12,889 daily

The Jōsō Line platforms are ground-level and consists of two island platforms serving four tracks, with an elevated station building located at a right angle above the tracks and platforms.

Kantō Railway platforms[edit]

1, 2  Jōsō Line for Togashira and Toride
3, 4  Jōsō Line for Mitsukaidō, Shimotsuma, and Shimodate

Metropolitan Intercity Railway layout[edit]

Moriya Station
Tsukuba Express
TX Moriya Station Ticket Gate.jpg
Moriya Station Ticket Gate
Location 4-9 Chuo, Moriya, Ibaraki
Operated by Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company
Line(s) Tsukuba Express
  • Bus stop
Other information
Station code 15
Opened 2005
Passengers (FY2014) 23,575 daily

The Tsukuba Express platforms are elevated and consist of two island platforms serving four tracks, with the station building located underneath.

Metropolitan Intercity Railway[edit]

1  Tsukuba Express for Tsukuba
2  Tsukuba Express (Alighting only)
3, 4  Tsukuba Express for Nagareyama-ōtakanomori, Kita-Senju, and Akihabara

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Tsukuba Express (15)
Nagareyama-ōtakanomori (12)   Rapid   Tsukuba (20)
Kashiwanoha-campus (13)   Commuter-Rapid   Kenkyū-gakuen (19)
Kashiwanoha-campus (13)   Semi-Rapid   Miraidaira (16)
Kashiwa-Tanaka (14)   Local   Miraidaira (16)
Jōsō Line
Minami-Moriya   Rapid   Mitsukaidō
Minami-Moriya   Local   Shin-Moriya


The Kantō Railway station opened on 1 November 1913.[1] The Tsukuba Express station opened on 24 August 2005.[1]

Passenger statistics[edit]

In fiscal 2011, the Kantō Railway station was used by an average of 11,552 passengers daily, and the Tsukuba Express station was used by an average of 22,644 passengers daily (boarding passengers only).[1]


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