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Moriyama (守山藩 Moriyama-han?) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period, located in Mutsu Province. It was established by a branch of the Tokugawa clan of Mito. A relatively small domain, it had an income rating of 20,000 koku. It was renamed Matsukawa following 1868, and dissolved in 1871. Matsudaira Yoriyuki, the last lord, was succeeded by Matsudaira Nobunori, the adopted former lord of Aizu who had cut his familial ties to Matsudaira Katamori.

List of daimyo[edit]

Name Tenure
1 Matsudaira Yorimoto (松平頼元?) 1661-1693
2 Matsudaira Yorisada (松平頼貞?) 1693-1744
3 Matsudaira Yorihiro (松平頼寛?) 1738-1763
4 Matsudaira Yoriakira (松平頼亮?) 1763-1801
5 Matsudaira Yoriyoshi (松平頼慎?) 1801-1830
6 Matsudaira Yoshinobu (松平頼誠?) 1830-1862
7 Matsudaira Yorinori (松平頼升?) 1862-1869
8 Matsudaira Yoriyuki (松平頼之?) 1869-1871