Mormon Lake

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Mormon Lake
Mormonlake 08.jpg
LocationCoconino County, Arizona,
United States
Coordinates34°56′51″N 111°27′18″W / 34.94750°N 111.45500°W / 34.94750; -111.45500Coordinates: 34°56′51″N 111°27′18″W / 34.94750°N 111.45500°W / 34.94750; -111.45500
Basin countriesUnited States
Surface area600 acres (240 ha)
Average depth10 ft (3.0 m)
Surface elevation7,100 ft (2,200 m)
SettlementsMormon Lake Village

Mormon Lake is a shallow, intermittent lake located in northern Arizona. With an average depth of only 10 ft (3.0 m), the surface area of the lake is extremely volatile and fluctuates seasonally. When full, the lake has a surface area of about 12 square miles (31 km2), making it the largest natural lake in Arizona.[1] In particularly dry times, the lake has been known to dry up, leaving behind a remnant marsh.

A small settlement, Mormon Lake Village, was developed during wet years, and many homes have docks that are very far from the shoreline. Mormon Lake Lodge, the main centerpiece of the little town, now relies on a fishing pond located adjacent to the Lodge. The surrounding area, which lies within Coconino National Forest, is part of the largest continuous stand of ponderosa pine in North America,[2] often hosting campers and hikers. The lake itself is occasionally stocked with fish species such as bullhead catfish and northern pike, but due to its intermittent nature it may contain few or no fish following dry seasons.

The name of the lake commemorates Mormon settlers who arrived here in 1878 and founded a dairy, which no longer exists.[3].

San Francisco Peaks viewed from the meadows at Mormon Lake, summer monsoon 2010


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