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Morna Dorothy Hooker (born 1931)[1] is a British theologian and New Testament scholar.

She was Lady Margaret's Professor of Divinity within the University of Cambridge[2] from 1976 to 1998, becoming the first woman to hold the Cambridge degree of D.D., and as of 1998 is Professor Emerita. She remains a Fellow of Robinson College,[2] having joined the fellowship as a founding Fellow in 1977, and is also a Fellow of King's College London and an honorary Fellow of Linacre College, Oxford. She holds honorary doctorates from the University of Bristol and the University of Edinburgh.[2] Professor Hooker was the first woman to have the honour of being elected President of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, an international society of New Testament scholars, and in 2004 was awarded the Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies by the British Academy.[3]

A Methodist local preacher, she is the widow of fellow theologian and Methodist minister the Rev. David Stacey, and is sometimes styled Morna Hooker-Stacey.


Her books, however, are published under the name Morna Hooker. They include:

  • Jesus and the Servant: The Influence of the Servant Concept of Deutero-Isaiah in the New Testament (1959)
  • The Son of Man in Mark (1973)
  • What about the New Testament? (jt. ed. 1975)
  • Interchange and atonement (1978)
  • Studying the New Testament (1979)
  • Pauline Pieces/A Preface to Paul (1980)
  • Paul and Paulinism (jt. ed. 1982)
  • Trial and tribulation in Mark XIII (1983)
  • The Message of Mark (1983)
  • Continuity and Discontinuity: Early Christianity in Its Jewish Setting (1986)
  • From Adam to Christ: Essays on St Paul (1990)
  • The Gospel according to St Mark (1993)
  • Not Ashamed of the Gospel: New Testament Interpretations of the Death of Christ (1994)
  • The Signs of a Prophet: The prophetic actions of Jesus (1997)
  • Beginnings: Keys that open the Gospels (1997)
  • Endings: Invitations to discipleship (2003)
  • Paul: A short introduction (2003)
  • Not in Word Alone (ed. 2003)
  • Paul: A beginner's Guide (2008)


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