Morning Coffee (Firefox add-on)

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Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee logo.png
Morning Coffee screenshot.png
Developer(s) SJML
Stable release
1.38 / May 18, 2014; 3 years ago (2014-05-18)
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mozilla extension
License MPL

Morning Coffee is a Mozilla Firefox add-on. Morning Coffee was produced by Firefox user Shane Liesegang, best known as "SJML".[1][2] The current version of Morning Coffee is 1.38; it was last updated on May 18, 2014,[1] and it was originally released in 2005.[2]


Morning Coffee is used to open websites within the Firefox browser. It allows a user to select various site(s) to open in Firefox's other tabs(s).[3] These sites may be opened by day, and you can simply open the same site(s) each day.[4][unreliable source?] Websites can be opened in a random order, and they can also be opened instead of the browser's home page (this is currently a beta feature). An effect similar to that of Morning Coffee can also be recreated with Firefox's bookmarking system, albeit with more difficulty.[4]


Although Firefox is known as the only source that supports Morning Coffee, a new extension has been released for Chrome which has similar features and a modern UI set for users who are loyal to Chrome but require an extension with the same functionality as Morning Coffee. It is available here: Chrome Web Store | Loadr

BrowseLuck is another cross-browser alternative to Morning Coffee, which helps its users daily browsing without using a browser extension. It is supported as a web app, IOS app and Android app.


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