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This article is about a song by Morning Musume. For the Firefox add-on, see Morning Coffee (Firefox add-on).
"Morning Coffee"
Single by Morning Musume
from the album First Time
Released January 28, 1998 (JP)
Format CD single (8 cm and 12 cm)
Recorded 1998
Genre J-pop
Length 13:15 (8 cm CD)
Label Zetima
Producer(s) Tsunku
Morning Musume singles chronology
"Ai no Tane"
"Morning Coffee"
"Summer Night Town"
Music video
"Morning Coffee" on YouTube

"Morning Coffee" (モーニングコーヒー?) is a song by J-pop idol group Morning Musume, released as their first official single on January 28, 1998 as an 8 cm CD. It sold a total of 200,790 copies. In 2004, it was re-released as part of the Early Single Box and again in 2005 as a 12 cm CD. The lead vocalist of the single was Natsumi Abe.

Early on, Tsunku had decided that Kaori Iida was going to be the lead vocalist. Before the recording on the second day, Tsunku changed his mind and told the group that he was going to change the lead vocals to Abe instead.

A re-arranged and re-recorded version of this song was featured as the B-side for Morning Musume's 14th single, "Souda! We're Alive".

It is the only single to feature only the original members (not counting Ai no Tane), as the second generation would join before the release of "Summer Night Town".

Track listing[edit]

The "Ai no Tane" tracks were composed by Hanzō Seiki and Tetsutarō Sakurai. All other tracks were composed by Tsunku.

8 cm CD[edit]

  1. Morning Coffee (モーニングコーヒー?) – 4:32
  2. Ai no Tane (愛の種 Seeds of love?) – 4:11
  3. Morning Coffee (Instrumental) (モーニングコーヒー (Instrumental)?) – 4:32

12 cm CD (Early Single Box and individual release)[edit]

  1. Morning Coffee (モーニングコーヒー?) – 4:32
  2. Ai no Tane (愛の種 Seeds of love?) – 4:11
  3. Morning Coffee (Instrumental) (モーニングコーヒー (Instrumental)?) – 4:32
  4. Morning Coffee (Unreleased "B♭" Version) (モーニングコーヒー (Unreleased "B♭" Version)?)

Members at time of single[edit]


In television shows[edit]

In concerts[edit]

  • Hello! First Live at Shibuya Kohkaido
  • Morning Musume Memory Seishun no Hikari
  • Morning Musume First Live at Budokan ~Dancing Love Site 2000 Haru~
  • Morning Musume Live Revolution 21 Haru
  • Morning Musume Concert Tour 2002 Haru "Love Is Alive!" (2002 Version)
  • Morning Musume Concert Tour 2003 "15nin de Non Stop!"
  • Morning Musume Sakuragumi Hatsukouen ~Sakura Saku~
  • Hello! Project 2005 Winter All-Stars Dairanbu ~A Happy New Power! Iida Kaori Sotsugyo Special~
  • Morning Musume Concert Tour 2005 Haru ~Dai 6 kan Hit Mankai~
  • Nochiura Natsumi Concert Tour 2005 Haru "Triangle Energy" (2002 Version)

Oricon Rank and Sales[edit]

Weekly Rating Weekly Sales Number of copies sold Week Number of Weeks on Chart
6 95,060 95,060 01/26~02/01 1
14 33,680 128,740 02/02~02/08 2
22 29,030 157,770 02/09~02/15 3
29 16,500 174,270 02/16~02/22 4
42 9,670 183,940 02/23~03/01 5
53 7,560 191,500 03/02~03/08 6
64 5,470 196,970 03/09~03/15 7
78 3,820 200,790 03/16~03/22 8

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