Morningside High School

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Morningside High School
10500 S. Yukon Ave
Inglewood, California 90303
United States
Coordinates 33°56′23″N 118°19′52″W / 33.93966°N 118.33108°W / 33.93966; -118.33108Coordinates: 33°56′23″N 118°19′52″W / 33.93966°N 118.33108°W / 33.93966; -118.33108
Type Public high school
Motto Knowledge is Power
Established 1951
School district Inglewood Unified School District
Principal Isaac Burgess IV
Faculty 55
Grades 9th–12th
Enrollment 1323
Student to teacher ratio 24.1
Campus type Suburban
Color(s) Scarlet and white         
Nickname Monarch
Rivals Inglewood High School
Newspaper The Side Times

Morningside High is a public high school in Inglewood, California. It is the second largest high school after Inglewood High School in the city.


In 1951, the first two classes of students came to the Morningside Park area of Inglewood to attend the new Morningside High School. Incoming 9th graders came from the surrounding junior high schools, and a class of 10th graders transferred to Morningside from Inglewood High School. Some of Inglewood High School’s faculty transferred as well, including A. John Waldmann, the first principal of Morningside High School.

In popular culture[edit]

In 1993, Wesley Snipes narrated the documentary, Hardwood Dreams, following five MHS seniors during their last high school basketball season as they dreamt of the National Basketball Association. Ten years later, Snipes narrated the 2004 TV sequel, Hardwood Dreams: Ten Years Later.[1][2]

Chris Gaines was a fictional MHS student and alternative rock musician, developed by Garth Brooks in 1999 for a proposed movie.[3]

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