Mornington Station

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Mornington  Station is located in Western Australia
Mornington  Station
Mornington  Station
Location in Western Australia

Mornington Station refers to the new Mornington Wilderness Camp (formerly Old Mornington Station) in the Kimberley in Western Australia.

The not for profit organisation Australian Wildlife Conservancy bought and now runs the station as an environmental refuge with the aim of preserving threatened wildlife.

The sanctuary is made up of an area of 3,123 square kilometres (1,206 sq mi).[1] 25 beds in different cabins, 25 campsites, meals and tours are all available in the sanctuary area.


Old Mornington was originally run as a beef cattle station for 80 years and was named after Victoria's Mornington Peninsula by Bob Maxted.

The station was once owned by Sir Sidney Kidman who had abandoned both Mornington and Glenroy Stations in 1936 as a result of Indigenous Australians spearing his cattle and the difficulty in driving his cattle to Derby.[2]

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Coordinates: 17°30′38″S 126°06′33″E / 17.51056°S 126.10917°E / -17.51056; 126.10917